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How to build a house from a bar


Houses made of timber are very popular in Russia</a>

Building a wooden house? It is a complex science, but everyone can master it.



House of the bar, like any other begins withFoundation construction. Since the beam is not an easy building material, it is necessary to lay a solid foundation under the walls of the timber. The most commonly used strip foundation. It is laid inside the foundation pit. The foundation line is planned along the bearing walls, the formwork is installed and it is poured with a concrete mixture. The depth of excavation is determined based on the level of freezing of soils. The foundation must be lower than it.


At the base of the house lay a bar, the cross-section of which is notMore than 150 * 100 mm. For greater strength, these beams are placed in two layers. On this basis, a log house is built. By the way about the quality of the material. Do not be afraid if the bars are slightly cracked. But if a crack cuts through the cracks, then it is not good. For internal walls will go uneven bars 100 * 100 mm.


In the corners, the bars are narrowed and lapped. Between them they must be fastened with building nails. However, until now there is a nail-free method of docking. Instead of nails in such cases use special pegs? Nageli. Do not forget in the crowns of the log (in the intervals between the beams) to put linen jute for thermal insulation.


Internal partitions are laid the sameWay. If you want to save, internal partitions can be made from the frame. To make it, you need to install the boards 100 * 40 mm, and top with a lining.


The floor in such houses is made of two layers. The first layer of unedged boards of 25 mm thickness is set on logs section 150 * 40 mm. The lags are installed in intervals of 60 cm. The upper layer of the floor is made of sheet-shaped boards with a thickness of up to 40 mm, and a thermal insulation material is placed between these two layers. Most often in its role is mineral wool (glass wool).


Intermediate floors are set at a height of not less than240 cm. For the ceiling device, beams 150 * 100 mm are laid. These ceilings are lined with a lining. The ceiling is ready. The floor of the second floor and the ceiling of the first one must have a heat-insulating layer all from the same mineral wool.


To make a roof, establish racks, braces and rafters. The roofing material can be varied, but the most popular recently is considered ondulin.


Window openings are usually covered with plastic double-glazed windows. This, though not cheap, but completely justified in the process of operation.


Of course, this is a general description of the construction of a house made of timber, but it will help you to save on construction, and also to control all stages of building your house.

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