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How to build a greenhouse using polycarbonate

How to build a greenhouse using polycarbonate

Featured plant growth at low temperatures arrange greenhouse and greenhouse facilities.

Construction of the greenhouse begin to favoritesfoundation. The foundation is laid, using bricks, stones and concrete. At the time of laying the foundation poured for bumpers ridges. Classical greenhouse length of 6 m, width 4 m, respectively, and the area is 34 sq.m. The height of the ridge of the greenhouse to 3m.

For the frame construction using wood,plastic or metal. For air circulation in the greenhouse do not forget about the windows and doors windows. Excellent proved arched shape of the roof. In these greenhouses formed an additional amount of air and greenhouse itself of this design is more stable. The most practical frame of the greenhouse construction is considered the metal.

For making better use of the frame tubesquare shape or area. The first step is performed strapping installation, which is laid on the surface of the foundation. At the time of the installation frame paint over all metal parts - in order to prevent corrosion. Next, in a metal piping and foundation of drilled holes. Using anchor bolts, tying securely bolted to the foundation. In the corners and along the perimeter trim put the rack, which are welded to the piping. Together with welded uprights prefab door blocks.

To the bar, at the top, welded topharness. For her, only use Area, which is attached between the posts, leaving a small gap. The gap needs to cover the installation of the polycarbonate sheets were placed under the area and closed it from the rain. After installation of arches attached piping. The best option would be if you make arches in specialized organizations. Arches fasten the ridge and additional cross ties for stability and rigidity, as well as preventing the deflection of the weight of snow.

For ventilation of greenhouses, with arched roofsstructure mounted vents with a system of levers for the lifting. The value of opened to ventilate the air vents should be at least 25% of the total roof area. Add ventilation can be through the doors. Thanks to leverage, the roof sections to easily open and close. They provide ventilation in the greenhouse room, so it will be very easy to care for plants. So, arched roof mounted vents, to the ridge welded joints at the place of attachment rods and levers systems. After making the frame, metal paint over. Footage of greenhouses may be different, but it is important to take into account when planning the size of the polycarbonate sheet.

Polycarbonate - a two-layer plastic sheets of different thicknesses. For greenhouse structures usually use sheets of size:. Length - 6 m height of -2.10 m width - 4 mm..

Polycarbonate has a number of positive qualities:

- High impact resistance,

- Does not pass ultraviolet rays, which are harmful to crops,

- Skips scatter light - it eliminates burning crops harmful direct sunlight

Two-layer polycarbonate structure providesincreased protection of plants from cold air. Polycarbonate can be easily cut with a knife, a saw or shears for metal, it easily drilled holes. What makes the sheets easy to fasten to the ground by conventional drills. Its mass is small, leaf area of ​​1 m? It weighs 1 kg. Polycarbonate is easy for transportation, it is curled and carried even in the car. On polycarbonate hardly settles the dust and dirt is very easily washed off with water. Polycarbonate is an excellent material for the closing of capital greenhouses.

By the close of the prepared carcass start withroof. The sheets are attached to the arched roof just wide. By the metal frame, polycarbonate is fastened with screws, fasten them with the help of drill bits. Metal washers clog thermowasher. They are tightly pressed to the frame of polycarbonate greenhouses. As the pressure plate used plastic corner. The thickness of the corner should equal the thickness of a covering sheet. The use of the plastic bracket securely close the edge of the sheet. Before installation, be sure to remove the protective polycarbonate film. Edges smeared with glue and glued area. Clear polycarbonate portion is hermetically sealed with duct tape. If you do not seal the edge, in the perforated sections gets wet and can be damaged during the freezing material. If we have to piece down two sheets, special connecting straps are used.

After closing of the roof, and proceed to the endssidewalls. On the door are fixed hooks, handles, latches to open the door. Instead of plastic washers and over can use strips of corrugated iron. Sealing is achieved by vent seal rubber. In the greenhouse, you can install the heating system and lighting.

Greenhouse track better lay pavingtiles, they bring significant convenience during operation. Tile lay out the track in the greenhouse and front. A better build high beds, with high concrete curbs. Over such the beds easier to care for. At the top of securing the reinforcing bars to the garter plants. Make a warm ridge and tomatoes in your greenhouse'll only collect red.

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