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How to build a glider


How to build a glider</a>

All of us at least once in our life have made a simplePaper airplane from a newspaper or a notebook and let it into a free flight. It hardly occurred to us then that we had built a primitive glider, which can not really fly.

And what if we make a real glider for which the sky will become a native element?



The model is called "Sinichka". Make a working drawing first. The fuselage "Sinichki" consists of 700-mm slats with a cross-section in the front part of 10x6 and at the end - 7x5 mm. It will take a sinker in the form of a pine or linden board 8-10 mm thick and 6 cm wide. Cut the weight with a knife, and then process its ends with a file and an emery cloth. Then you can start making the wing. Its edges have a section of 4x4 mm and a length of 680 mm.


End curvatures for the wings are made fromAluminum wire D 2mm or from pine racks section 4x4 mm and length - 250 mm. To allow the slats to flex freely, soak them for no more than minutes in hot water. To make the rounds, use tins, glass jars or bottles of the chosen diameter. After steaming, tightly bend the slats around the can, and connect the ends together. Put the racks on the board to dry.


There is another way of bending the racks - with the help ofNails. Draw on the sheet of paper the desired rounding and arrange the drawing on the board, after which you cut the nails through its contour. Next to the last clove, tie the steamed rack and start bending it.


You connect the ends of the rake and leaveUntil completely dry. The ends of the folded rails are connected to the edges by the principle of "hurting". This is achieved by cutting the ends at a distance of three cm from each other. At the joint, apply glue and wrap with a thread. Nerves for the wings bend on a special machine. Check the accuracy of the assembly after each operation by overlapping the drawing. The wing is inspected visually from the butt. On it there should be no superfluous protrusions and "humps".


After the glue has dried, it is necessary to impartWing a small angle. To do this, place the bend in the beginning, soak it with water, and then gently warm it over the flame. The angle must be checked with the drawing. The wing attachment consists of 2 V-shaped racks of steel millimeter wire and a 140 mm pine bar with a cross section of 6x3 mm.


Braces fasten to the edges using glue andThread. To make the stabilizer, you will need two 400 mm rails and one same keel rail. Reiki bend in a well-known way - first steaming, and then bending with a can of D85-90 mm.


Use the tissue paper to tighten the model. First, top up the stabilizer and wing, and then on both sides of the keel. It remains to collect everything together. The stabilizer is applied to the rear end of the fuselage rail and wraps the ends of the connecting strip and the rail with the rubber band.

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