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How to build a garage


How to build a garage</a>

The construction of the garage is quite simple.

Build a house for your car you canForces. If the garage is an extension to your house, then the foundation and walls should be made of the same material as the walls and foundation of the house itself.

If the garage is detached, then it can be made from any traditional materials.



Construction of the garage begins with a foundation. It is best to lay a strip foundation under the garage. The size of a standard garage? 4 × 6 m. The depth of the foundation should be for sandy soil from 50 cm, for clay from 70 cm. In other respects, the foundation for the garage does not differ from the foundation for the house. Along the perimeter of the future building of the garage and along the supporting walls (they usually do not have a garage, so the basement for the garage is a rectangle without bridges), they install a formwork that is poured with concrete or concrete. The foundation must dry for at least 2 weeks. To avoid deformations, it must be constantly moistened.


To make the garage floor, you need the whole areaInside the foundation, fill with a layer of sand 10 cm thick, making a slope of several degrees to the gate, so that the water from the garage flows freely. The roofing material is laid on top, then the iron reinforcement, which is poured with concrete (the cement should be M300 grade, not below) with a layer of 12 cm. When the concrete floor dries, it is covered with a special impregnation that will not allow it to crack. Then the floor is painted.


The walls of the garage can roughly be a height of 1.5Up to 2.5 meters. They are made of bricks, laying them in the thickness of 1 brick, then the walls must be plastered on both sides. Plastered walls can be covered with façade paint or ceramic tiles. If the garage is located next to your house, then its exterior decoration should be in harmony with the facade of the house.


The roof of the garage is made gable by the rafters,Which rely on the walls of the garage. If you make the roof flat, the floor panels will also rest on the walls. Insulate the roof or not, depends on the insulation of the garage. But it is necessary to cover the roof with non-combustible building material.


Gates in the garage can be swinging,Rolling, lifting-turning or sectional. It is better if they are opened automatically, not mechanically. It is much more convenient to open the gate without leaving the car. But at the same time, be sure to allow for manual opening. If there is no space in front of the garage, then it is necessary to install not a swing, but a sectional or roller shutter.

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