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How to build a gallery between the houses

How to build a gallery between the houses

If you are a proud owner of two houses in the neighborhood, then you have the possibility to combine them with each other via the gallery. How - prompt designers.

They will help determine the material.

When a person hears the word "gallery", theIt is currently an exhibition of paintings or anything like that. This is not the case, originally called galleries corridors linking between a room or building. And then there were familiar to our view transitions, which on the one hand a blank wall, hung with photographs or paintings, on the other set ups. In modern life, galleries, art museums are called, without tying them to the architectural features.
So, you have two buildings, for example,country site and decided to join them together for easy movement. Of course, this issue can be resolved not so creative, you can make an easy transition from their frames with polycarbonate. But you are serious, you want a real work of art, with large windows, and can be fully transparent transition. Undoubtedly, it is very beautiful in the summer can be used as a veranda, and you can arrange a winter garden and enjoy the year-round flowering plants.

How to build a gallery

The goal is defined, now we have to deal withways to implement the idea into practice. As with any construction, you must first design gallery. It uses modern computer programs, but can be on paper, if you prefer. If you do not possess these skills, it is best to hire a designer, which will take into account your wishes and features of the site for construction, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.
Once the project is drawn up and agreed upon,you can begin construction. You can also do it yourself, or you can hire a contracting organization and participate in the construction of the gallery. As in the construction of any building, first erected the foundation, then the walls and roof.


Depending on what kind of project you have made,defined materials for the construction of the gallery. If you are planning to completely clear the transition, it is better to use windows. If you have one wall is planned to be deaf, as in modern architectural solutions, then it is necessary to look at the house, which are connected transition. It can be brick, wood, foam and even a sandwich panel. It all depends on your wishes and possibilities.
If you connect the gallery building is not fromO, it is also necessary to provide, whether in the wall of the door do not whether this will lead to the destruction of the building. Also, be sure to think over a way out of the gallery to the street.

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