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How to build a foundation on a slab


How to build a foundation on a slab</a>

House, resting on reinforced concrete monolithicPlate, guaranteed an unshakable and peaceful existence throughout life. In that case, of course, if the base under it is correctly executed.

Plate foundations are very well proven on harmful pernicious soils.

Their only drawback is the high cost, which can be reduced by adhering to the golden rule: do what is necessary, and not do what is not necessary.

You will need

  • A set of carpenter's tools, edging boards, timber, tamping equipment, tools for excavation, concrete mortar, vibrator, fittings, welding machine, waterproofing, geotextile.



Mark the place of the foundation. Dig at the place of marking the foundation pit depth of 30 - 50 cm Align its base horizontally - if necessary, moving or pouring the soil. Well weaken the bottom of the excavation. Cover it with a geotextile with access to the walls.


Fill the pit with a mixture of sand and gravel, sprinklingWater and carrying out layer-by-layer tamping with a vibrating pad. In the bottom of the gravel-sand cushion lay perforated drainage pipes with their outlet to the periphery. Over the sand cushion lay the waterproofing made of thick, reinforced polyethylene film.


Spill the drainage ditches around the perimeter of the site, connect them to the drainage pipes, lay the bottom with geotextile, fill with a mixture of sand and gravel.


Install the formwork for the slab with a height of 40-50 cm. Place the armature in two layers with the distance from the top of the sand-gravel pillow 3-4 cm, between the layers - 10 cm. The size of the reinforcement depends on the size of the base plate, as a rule, it ranges from №8 to №14 - depending on the size Plates. The cell size is assumed to be 200-250 mm. When installing the valve, use plastic supports or clamps.


Fill the formwork with concrete brand mortarM300-M400 with the implementation of sealing deep or area vibrators. After filling the formwork, allow the mortar to cure for 1-2 weeks before further work. At this time, daily moisten the surface of the concrete or cover it with plastic wrap.

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