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How to build a fireplace


How to build a fireplace</a>

Before proceeding with the installation of the fireplace, it is necessary to determine the type of fireplace, its size, design, the device of the furnace hole and purchase the necessary building materials.

And only after that you can start building a fireplace and decorating it.

You will need

  • Building materials and tools.



When choosing the place where the fireplace will be located,It is important to consider that it is necessary to avoid a draft. The location is best determined away from the doors and windows. You need to build a fireplace near a brick wall or partitions. If the wall is finished with other material, then it will be necessary to isolate it with the help of brickwork on the entire height of the wall. The insulating wall should be on each side Fireplace Go out on 30 cm.


Next, you need to determine the foundation. Of course, to lay the foundation or not, depends on the design and weight of the Fireplace. For wall Fireplace, Having an insulating wall, the foundation will beRequired. The foundation is made of gravel, gravel, broken brick and cement-sand mortar. The waterproofing, which consists of two layers of roofing material, must be laid below the floor level, and from above? Screed. It is necessary to leave a gap between the foundation Fireplace And the foundation of the house. The size of the foundation is determined by the size Fireplace.


The base of the hearth and the portal can be constructed fromRefractory bricks or metal sheets. This platform is designed to protect the floor from accidental ignition, and should have protrusions - in front about 50 cm, on the sides 40 cm.


It is recommended to build fireplaces from ceramic or refractory bricks. Do not use silicate.


During construction Fireplace Depth of focus should be 50 cm. The back wall is laid out vertically, at a height of 1/3 from the floor. Further, the wall needs to be laid obliquely so that the heat is better reflected in the room. The side walls should be built with respect to the back at an angle of 60 degrees, and it is important not to forget that they should be opened. When building Fireplace It should be remembered that the size of the portal should be proportional to the area of ​​the room, approximately 1:50.


Bottom up from the furnace space should rise? A smoke box with a cleaning latch at the top of the soot, and a chimney with a cross-section of at least 1/10 of the section of the combustion chamber.


It is rather difficult to plaster the internal surface of the furnace, but not necessarily. Although with plaster? Significantly increases heat transfer and improves traction.


The final stage in construction Fireplace, Is the connection Fireplace To the chimney. To do this, connect the hole of the smoke box with the chimney. After this, you can start finishing and design Fireplace.

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