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How to build a corner fireplace

How to build a corner fireplace

Corner fireplaces - this is a great addition to your decor.

In addition to functionality, this model fireplaces let you enjoy the feeling of comfort every day, as visually smoothes the corners of the room, and thus, as it increases the space.

This kind of half-open fireplacesbuilt into a corner at the intersection of walls and can therefore heat just three connecting rooms. There is a great variety of models corner fireplace, a variety of shapes and styles.

But you can try to build a their own hands.

You will need

  • - Tools for the installation kamina-
  • - Beams and stropila-
  • - dymosbornik-
  • - kirpichi-
  • - Chimney.



First, you need to buy toolsfireplace installation. Usually, those who are engaged in construction works, has almost everything you need for this kind of work. Make sure to purchase a special tool? furnace hammer.


The following define the future size of the fire,based on the area of ​​the room where it will be located. Also important it is to find the optimal parameters of the width and height of the flue opening and depth of the firebox. It is better if they will calculate for you the expert. He can help you in calculating the size of the flue openings.


Work should begin with laying the foundation,the location of which is necessary to correlate the position of the beams and rafters of the house. On top of the foundation, spread, two waterproofing layers (eg, roofing felt or roofing felt).


To improve heat transfer firebackyou must perform a slope ahead with about a third of her height. Above the firebox must be smoke box, and between them - eaves to prevent the removal of sparks and soot out. When laying bricks should follow schemes of earlier poryadovkoy, t. E. The location of the bricks in each row. Most likely, your fireplace will consist of at least 24 rows of brick masonry. When placing a brick, do not forget the inner walls of the firebox periodically cleaned with a damp cloth to remove speaking of the solution, which can crumble under the firebox. Nor grout all internal surfaces of the fireplace.


Deriving chimney, it must be remembered that ithole must be carefully sheltered from rain and carried out in accordance with the fire safety rules. Also, if masonry work is necessary to consider the grate device, flap and cleaning.

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