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How to build a corner fireplace


How to build a corner fireplace</a>

Angled fireplaces are an excellent addition to your interior.

In addition to functionality, this model of fireplaces will allow you to enjoy the sense of coziness every day, as it visually smoothes the corners of the room and thereby, as it were, increases the space.

This kind of semi-open fireplacesIs built into a corner at the intersection of the walls and therefore can simultaneously heat three adjacent rooms. There are a great many models of corner fireplaces, diverse in shapes and styles.

But you can try to build this with your own hands.

You will need

  • - tools for installing a fireplace-
  • - beams and rafters-
  • - a chimney-
  • - bricks-
  • - a chimney.



To begin with, you need to purchase tools forInstallation of a fireplace. Usually, those who are engaged in construction work, there is almost everything necessary for this type of work. Take care of purchasing a special tool? Furnace hammer.


Next, determine the size of the future fireplace,Based on the area of ​​the room where it will be located. It is also important to find the optimal parameters for the width and height of the furnace hole and the depth of the firebox. It is better if they are calculated for you by a specialist. He will be able to help you and when calculating the size of the smoke hole.


Work should begin with laying the foundation,The location of which must be correlated with the position of the beams and rafters in the house. On the top of the foundation, spread out two layers of waterproofing (for example, roofing felt or roofing felt).


To increase heat dissipation, the rear wall of the fireplaceIt is necessary to execute at an inclination forward approximately from the third part of its height. Above the firebox there must be a smoke box, and between them there is a cornice, which prevents sparks and soot from escaping outwards. When laying bricks, one should adhere to the previously constructed ordering schemes, that is, the arrangement of bricks in each row. Most likely, your fireplace will consist of not less than 24 rows of brickwork. When stacking a brick, do not forget the inner walls of the firebox from time to time to wipe it with a wet rag to remove the mortar that may fall off when the furnace is over. You can not also plaster all the internal surfaces of the fireplace.


Taking out a chimney, it should be remembered that itsThe hole must be carefully covered from precipitation and carried out in accordance with the rules of fire safety. Also, during masonry work, it is necessary to think over the arrangement of the fire bars, flaps and cleaners.

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