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How to build a playground with your own hands


How to build a playground with your own hands</a>

A children's playground in the suburban area or country house will allow your child to actively spend time outdoors under your supervision.

Pick up a well-lit and protected from the wind place for the play area and build a playground with your own hands.

Sandbox on the playground

For children in the playground must be present sandbox. It can be made in several ways from inexpensive materials.
Build a sandbox from the tire from the tractor orAnother large car. Cover the bottom with a non-woven material that will allow moisture to pass into the soil, but will not allow the soil to mix with the sand. Top the tire and pour the structure with sifted river sand.
A beautiful sandbox can come from hemp. Select the required number of stumps and treat them with antiseptic so that the tree does not rot. Lay out the rope in the form of a sandbox at the place where you plan to arrange it. You can dream up and give a sandbox the look of a boat, a flower with petals, an airplane or make just curved outlines. Dug the hemp along the contour, which is marked with a rope.

When using thick hemp, located on the same level, the children will also get tracks along which you can run or sit.

Build a sandbox with the help of boards. First, dig out the hole where it will be located, a pit about 50 cm deep and pour it with rubble. In this case, after the rain, the sand will dry quickly. From four boards and four bars, remove the box. Bruski take more authentic, so that their lower ends serve also as legs. Paint the wooden edging of the sandbox with bright oil paint. On the sides you can draw characters from cartoons or large berries and fruits. Dug the legs into the ground along the contour of the pit and pour the sand for the games.

Children's swing

When constructing a swing it is very important to observe safety precautions. Supports should be strong, and the fasteners are very reliable. Also, take into account the available space in front of the swing and behind them.
For supports, take two thick bars about three meters long. Treat it with antiseptic soak. Dig two pits, approximately 50 cm deep. Install the bar and fill with concrete or cement.
After the solution has dried, attach the supportsA metal water pipe. To the crossbar, tie the rope to the seat. If the seat is wooden, try to give its corners a rounded shape.

It is convenient to use a car seat for swings.

Houses for a playground

Kids love to hide in secluded places. Make a small house on the playground. It can be a hut built of branches, or a tent, which can be purchased at the store. You can make a fabric house yourself.
Make a frame of a bar or bend out of metal-plastic pipes. Pull on it old sheets or curtains. Cut the window.

Elements for outdoor games

On a bar or on a tree, strengthen the basketballring. Its height is determined by the growth of the child. You can make a maze of old tires. Cut them in half and dig into the ground in a certain order. Install the bar. Make an equal area for badminton.

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