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How to build a children's playground with his own hands

How to build a children's playground with his own hands

Playground on site suburban area or country house will allow your child to actively spend time in the fresh air under your supervision.

Choose a well-lit and protected from the wind for the gaming area and builded the playground with his own hands.

Sandbox playground

For the kids in the playground sandbox must exist. It can be done in several ways from inexpensive materials.
Construct the sandbox of the tire from a tractor oranother great car. Cover the bottom of a nonwoven material, which will pass the moisture in the soil, but will not mix the ground with sand. On top lay a tire and fill construction sifted river sand.
Beautiful sandbox can come from stumps. Pick up the required number of stumps and treat them with an antiseptic to the tree does not rot. Lay out the rope in the form of a sandbox in the place where her plan to place. You can dream up and make a sandbox type of boat, a flower with petals, airplane or make a curved contours. Hemp dug along the contour, which outlined the rope.

When using thick stumps located on one level, children will turn even the track on which you can run or sit.

Build a sandbox using boards. To start digging at the site, where it will be located, a hole about 50 cm deep and fill it with gravel. In this case, after the rain the sand will dry quickly. Of the four boards and four bars unscrew box. Bruschi take a longer to have their lower ends, and even served as legs. Paint wooden sandbox edging bright oil paint. On board you can draw characters from cartoons or big berries and fruits. Feet dug into the ground along the contour of the hole and fill sand for games.


it is important to observe safety precautions during construction of the swing. Props must be strong and very reliable fasteners. Also consider the free space in front of and behind the swing.
To take two pillars of thick timber about three meters in length. Deal with it antiseptic impregnation. Dig two holes about 50 cm deep. Set the timber and fill it with concrete or cement.
After drying the solution, attach the top supportsmetal water pipe. To tie a rope to the bar seat. If the wooden seat, try to give it a rounded shape of the corners.

Convenient to use for swing child car seat.

Houses playground

Toddlers love to hide in secluded places. Make a baby house site. It may be a hut built of branches, or tent, which can be purchased in the store. Also cloth house, you can make yourself.
Make a frame made of timber or bend of the metal pipes. Pull on it old sheets or curtains. Cut a window.

Elements for outdoor games

On the tool bar, or on the tree strengthen basketballring. Its height is determined based on the child's growth. It can be a maze of old tires. Cut them in half and dug into the ground in a certain order. Install the horizontal bar. Make a flat area for badminton.

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