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How to build a carport


How to build a carport</a>

It is inconvenient every time to drive a car into the garage of a country house, especially when transport needs to be put on for only half an hour.

For these purposes, you can build a carport, which will reduce the time to parking.

It is not difficult to do this, so you can do all the work yourself.

Canopies for cars can be realSaving from the scorching sun rays and heavy rain and in those cases when car owners did not manage to erect a capital garage on the local area. If desired, the canopy with time can be retrofitted, upgraded or rebuilt in the garage. Before building a canopy for cars, you need to determine its design and the material from which its roof will be made.

Features of the caravan construction

There are only two basic types of constructionAwning. It can be made in the form of a stationary building and as an extension to the house. To attach a canopy to the wall is easier than building a separate building. Therefore, this type of construction is most popular among car owners. With the right choice of material canopy, made as an extension to the house, can harmoniously fit into the design of the local area. To create a frame in this case, you can use a metal profile or a wooden beam, but the preference is most often given to the first option, since it allows you to get a more durable and durable construction.

If the décor of the site requires a certain material, the supports can be made of concrete, stone or brick.

The frame of a stationary canopy is the same as inThe first case, is made of metal or wood. The difficulty of erecting such a canopy is the need to use at least four support racks. The shape of the roof of the canopy depends on the material of the frame. It can be: straight, spherical, in the form of an arch or undulating. As for the size of the canopy, they can be different, namely, designed for one car, two or a small car park.
When building a canopy with your own hands most oftenPolycarbonate is used. This is the easiest way to build a canopy, since it does not require welding and other complex works, which only professionals can cope with.

How to build a carport from a car polycarbonate

To begin, bend the profile pipe toNecessary radius. The bent beam in the future will need to be connected to the stand by means of a kerchief cut from a steel sheet no more than five millimeters thick. For eight racks, cut two headscarves, then drill two holes in them, as well as in racks and racks and connect these elements together with bolts. As a result, you should have four parts of the future canopy.

Do not forget at this stage to paint the structure, in order not to face metal corrosion in the future.

Now it will be necessary to concrete the supports. To do this, make holes in the ground, the depth of which should be 90 cm, and wall up the asbestos-cement pipes in them, then fix the prepared racks on them. From the profile pipe, make logs that will act as the base for the roof, and fasten the beams with their help.

The frame of the canopy can be made from wooden beams, but they do not have such strength and durability as metal ones.

When fixing beams and logs, do not forget thatThe beam will protrude slightly relative to the post, so that when installing the roof, a small visor is obtained, which facilitates the installation at the extreme lag. When the structure is completely ready, concret the racks, then proceed to the installation of the roof. Polycarbonate must be fastened to the frame using self-tapping screws.
Polycarbonate car roof for the car, erected by all rules, will for a long time protect the transport from adverse environmental influences.

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