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How to build a Canadian house

How to build a Canadian house

Canadian Housing Framework is the backbone of all future designs. This is the main part of a small panel building, designing and construction of which should take place efficiently and accurately.

However, it does not mean that anyone, gain strength and patience, not guided by this rule, to build a reliable support of its future home on the Canadian model.



Design your house. Do not forget that the Canadian feature at home in its compact and at the same time - functionality. It is necessary to take the entire space at homeAnd to plan it should be no unnecessary angles and"Lanes" that are completely functional, but take a good portion of your available meters. Plan in the frame transitions and the main supporting pillars.


Purchase everything necessary for the construction of the frame,make sure that you have all the tools that may be needed in the subsequent work. If it does not exist, or change the fasteners, or buy everything you need.

How to build a Canadian house


Go to the store and buy all the necessarymaterial. Do not forget that the Canadian house allows the use of dual material. That is the basis of the frame you can make wood and corners or other places to lay brick. This will make the house unique and increase its heat preservation performance. Consult the dealer that best buy to fulfill your mission for the construction of "Canadian". Make sure the material is well tolerated by the Russian winter, if you intend to live there, and in the cold season.


Be careful: the assembly of each new layer of carefully check how it is fixed, even if one fragment will be incorrect, gradually all the pressure the structure of the upper superstructures can go and fall. If all "Canadian" instructions will soon be ready.

How to build a Canadian house

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