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How to build a business without investment

How to build a business without investment

Create a business without spending a single penny, very difficult. Nevertheless it is possible to open a business with minimal investment, which does not prove costly for you.

It is important to be prepared for the fact that the profit does not appear immediately, so it is desirable for the first time have an additional source of income.

Profitable business from scratch: Use your talents

You can work on yourself, offering customersgoods and services. A striking example - making things by hand. If you are good at drawing, you burn wood, made of leather accessories, weaves, embroider, knit, carve stone, sew - it can be useful. Things handmade are very popular, so finding a market will not be too difficult. The main thing that your products were of good quality and beautiful, or they do not want to buy.

Offer your articles to niche sites, free bulletin boards, fairs, in stores hand-made. You may also want to try and advertise products among friends and relatives.

Another option - the provision of services. Designers, programmers, artists may well work and at home, without having to hire a foreign company and not opening the office, which will require the rental cost. Thus, you can begin to work for themselves with no attachments, just need to advertise their services in newspapers and on Web sites where you can do it cheaply or even for free. You can also try to sew and make exclusive jewelery to order. Spending money on the materials you will not have to, because they will buy the customer.

Business through the Internet with a minimum investment

An interesting variant - the organization of the delivery of bouquetsaround town. To do this, you need a website or even a group on the social network. Sign a contract with the flower store and find a florist. Most experts are working on making bouquets directly to warehouses. Then find the photos of bouquets, put them for example, determine the price of each and offered for sale. When you receive an order, you can immediately take stock the right amount of color to make or order a bouquet, as in the photo, and then deliver it to the client. With a large number of orders it will be possible to hire a courier to include his services in return for a flower arrangement.

If you plan to make bouquets for yourself, choose the simplest options that you definitely can handle. Otherwise there is a risk to spoil the reputation of young firms.

Now there are many sites offering cheapInternet shopping patterns. Choosing one of them, you can build your online boutique and sell products from suppliers. At the same time to buy things not necessary - arrange for shipping items directly from the manufacturer warehouse. This business requires little investment but can bring large profits over time.

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