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How to build a bunker


In a good bunker made of iron and concrete, you can survive a nuclear explosion</a>

Every now and then we are foretold by the end of the world.

But he does not come and does not come.

However, in case of possible natural disasters or nuclear strikes, it is better to prepare yourself. And the first and most important step in this business will be the construction of an underground bunker.

And then you can choose the right option from the two.

Either it will be a shallow wood bunker that can protect you from a hurricane, or it will be a bunker made of concrete and metal.

In this way, you can survive the nuclear bombing.



The simplest version of the bunker? This is a pit, on the bottom of which lies a stone or a tree. The walls of the pit are covered with wood to prevent the possible slipping of the earth. And the roof of the bunker is done like this: the pit is covered with wooden boards, as well as several layers of polyethylene. After that, the roof needs to be covered with a minimum of twenty-centimeter layer of earth. In addition, you need to equip the entrance (concurrently also the ventilation) and the toilet.


To build an entrance, you can take a pipe with the desiredDiameter with hermetically installed in her. To make a toilet, you should dig another pit according to the example of the pit for the bunker, and then make a passage between it and the bunker. Do not forget about the supply of water for which the barrel without a bottom adapts, dug in such a way that under it accumulate groundwater (if any). In case you have to live in the bunker for a long time, you need to stock up with water and air filters, and install an electric generator.


The bunker made of concrete and iron is much more reliable,But also more difficult in construction. It should be located at a depth of 2 to 10 meters. The base of this bunker is covered with sand for half a meter. Then a layer of concrete lays on it. Then the reinforcing cage should be poured with concrete, which will form the bottom of the hopper when it dries.


Next, a frame is constructed from the armature for rooms andWalls and iron formwork. The main condition here is that the ceiling of the structure should not go beyond the pit. Between the ground and the external wall of the bunker, sand should be covered and waterproofing installed.


The entrance to the bunker is best done in the form of a smallRooms made of reinforced concrete, coated with foam concrete blocks. The passage into the bunker itself is best made from sewer rings. At the entrance to the premises of the bunker, you should install the doorway. In the bunker there should not be less than two ventilation shafts, which should be located at a distance from the bunker of 3 meters minimum. These mines will also act as emergency exits or exits in the event of some unforeseen situations. Do not forget about the installation of an electric generator in the bunker room, a set of filters for air and water, as well as a cleaning toilet (bio-toilet).

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