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How to build a birdhouse

The birdhouse can settle not only starlings

Though wooden bird house and called birdhouses settle it anyone can, from starlings and blackbirds to small proteins.

Construct a birdhouse, hang in their area and see who oblyubuet it as home.

You will need

  • - Wooden boards
  • - screws
  • - drawing



Before building a birdhouse, paint on a paper plan of the future house, it will help you to calculate the size and quantity of the required building material.


The front wall of the nest box should bethe special hole, a relatively large bird to freely penetrate inside, but small enough to cats and other predators were not able to destroy the nest of a young family.


To work, you will need several broadwooden planks: the front and rear walls, two side walls, a floor and two roof boards. Well, if the floor and the roof will protrude beyond the front wall, it will soften the wind, penetrating to the chicks.


Boards for the birdhouse should have a thickness notless than 10-12 mm. Saw rear wall width 30 cm and a height of 18 cm along the edges and in the center of 25 cm. The angle of the roof should be 130 °, it will have to be taken into account when sawing boards for loft section at their connections should be done at an angle of 65 °. Birdhouse wall must be 18 cm high and 20 cm wide, and the floor have a length of 37.5 cm and a width of 30 cm.


Joining of the birdhouse best atwith screws, but the roof is removable to make. Not to visit the chicks can not interfere with the peace, or parents can leave the nest, dooming offspring to death by starvation. But clean up the empty birdhouse in the autumn would be superfluous. So you remove from it not only the oldest traces of twigs and chicks of life, but also the possible bacteria, so they do not hurt the birds in the next year.


Ready birdhouse should be painted a bright non-toxic paint, so it will look more beautiful and less will be subject to destruction under the influence of natural precipitation.

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