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How to build a birdhouse


Not only starlings can live in a birdhouse</a>

Although a wooden bird house is called a starling-house, anyone can settle in it, from starlings and thrushes to a small squirrel.

Build a birdhouse, hang it on your plot and see who will look after it as a home.

You will need

  • - wooden boards
  • - self-tapping screws
  • - drawing



Before you start building a birdhouse, draw a plan for the future house on paper, this will help you calculate its size and the amount of required building material.


On the front wall of the birdhouse should beA special hole, relatively large, so that the bird can freely penetrate inside, but also small enough so that cats and other predators can not ruin the nest of a young family.


To work you will need a few broadWooden boards: for the front and rear walls, for two sidewalls, floors and two boards for the roof. Well, if the floor and roof will protrude beyond the front wall, it will soften the gusts of wind, penetrating to the chicks.


The boards for the birdhouse should not be thickLess than 10-12 mm. Saw a back wall 30 cm wide and 18 cm high at the edges and 25 cm in the center. The angle of the roof should be 130 °, it must be taken into account also when sawing out the loft boards, the cut at the point of their connection should be made at an angle of 65 °. The birdhouse walls should be 18 cm high and 20 cm wide, and the floor should be 37.5 cm long and 30 cm wide.


Connecting parts of the birdhouse is best whenHelp self-tapping, but the roof should be made removable. Not to visit the chicks, to disturb their peace can not be, otherwise parents can leave the nest, condemning the offspring to starvation. But to clean an empty birdhouse in the fall will be superfluous. So you remove from it not only the old twigs and traces of the life of the chicks, but also possible bacteria so that they do not damage the birds next year.


A ready birdhouse should be painted with bright, non-toxic paint, so it will look prettier and less exposed to damage caused by natural precipitation.

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