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How to build a bird feeder

How to build a bird feeder</a>

The bird feeder does not require complicated design solutions.

And its constituent parts can be from the most elementary materials, lying around the house. These can be bottles of drinks, milk boxes or candies, etc.

And most importantly, the time for all the work will be spent minimally short! A trough-gazebo installed on the surface is made in this way:



Take four legs (about 150 cm long) andFasten the crossbars at the bottom along the perimeter. Next, connect the two opposite rails with a board or a bar (10cm). This bar will be attached to the central post-


Set on the central pillar one feeder in the middle, and the second under the roof of the feeder. The lower one is designed for large Birds, And the upper one for small-

How to make a trough for tits


Beat the tray on the perimeter. Then install a four-pitched feeder roof, protecting it from snow and rain.

How to make a wooden bird feeder

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