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How to build a beautiful house in Maynkraft

how to build a beautiful house in maynkrafte

Maynkraft you can not just run around the worlds, to produce a variety of materials to make the items, but also to build the house. Housing need to protect and rest the character storage.

Therefore, many may wonder how to build a beautiful house in Maynkraft.



To build a beautiful house in the game Mankraft, it is desirable to play on the peace level of difficulty, so that nothing distracts you from work.


To start with the type of home and the place of its location. This can be a huge medieval castle in the forest, and a hut in a tree, and a villa with a swimming pool, and bungalows on the lake.


The area chosen for the construction of the house,need not be flat, it can be used for the construction of virtually any surface, including water. However, it should prepare a smooth foundation. Decide on the size and outline of the house and make a direct site of stone or wooden blocks.


Build a fence around your future home. You can use any blocks or boards. The fence will protect you from the invasion of the home intruders. Do not forget to make a beautiful gate. A portion of the house to look neat and well-groomed, do it on the track.


Then proceed to the construction of the wall. Make a height of not less than three units. If you have multiple floors in the house, do not forget to add the overlap between them and the ladder for easy movement. The modern high-rise building, you can also use the lift.


Do not forget that your home should beinternal partitions between rooms, and accordingly - the door arches. To house was bright, add a large number of windows, and to make it even safer - check the door.


To build a beautiful house in Maynkraft, pay special attention to the roof. It can be flat, gable, a broken line. At the castle, you can even make a pyramidal turrets and battlements.


Be sure to add the street and interior lighting to protect the house from aggressive mobs maynkraft.


Take care of the interior decoration. Put a bed, TV, hang pictures on the walls.


To house was not only beautiful, but also rich, set in the living room fireplace and in the courtyard - a fountain and flowerbeds. Make a farm with various animals.


To build a beautiful house in Maynkraft,Use imagination. After all, in a cubic world you can make a reality of almost all of your dreams, using essentially the same materials as in real life, in the construction of an ordinary house.

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