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Brucellosis: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Brucellosis: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

Brucellosis - a disease which is called undulant fever, or fever Gibraltar affects all the vital organs and systems.

The first time the disease was described in 1886 by English physician Bruce.

Symptoms of brucellosis

Zoonotic infectious and allergic diseaseIt takes place against the backdrop of strong overall toxicity. Latent form initially has no clinical symptoms. When patients are concerned ostrosepticheskoy form a high fever, headache, sweating. Peripheral lymph nodes, spleen and liver are enlarged.

The chronic form of brucellosis is characterized by lesions of the joints, muscles and nervous system. Exacerbations of the disease may be replaced by a brief remission.

Diagnosis of brucellosis

Clinical manifestations and epidemiologicalconditions allow the doctor to suspect brucellosis. For an accurate diagnosis used Wright's reaction or Heddlsona, conduct sample Burne, at which under the skin of the patient is administered a small amount brucellin.

Treatment of brucellosis

As a long-term treatment is used causal treatment, prescribe antibiotics, especially tetracycline group. In chronic forms of brucellosis vaccine therapy is recommended.

For the prevention of diseases to all employees of farm animals, as well as those engaged in the breeding of farm animals must be vaccinated.

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