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How to Feed Your Chickens


How to Feed Your Chickens</a>

Feeding of chickens in the first days of their life can reduce the mortality of birds by a third, because it is in the first ten days that most of the brood dies.

Partly this is why laying hens do not trust their offspring even in villages.

Practice has shown that the probability of chickens surviving in the first day is much higher if you give them water and easy food.



Only hatched chickens need to be givenDry, then put in the incubator bowl with food. In the first days for feeding, you need to grate the boiled egg yolk with ground corn groats or mangroves. For every ten chickens you will need 1 yolk and 0,5 cups of cereals. Add greens (it can be finely chopped onions).

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Feed the chicks every two to three hours, includingAnd at night. Renew water, it should be boiled without limestone or soda. To improve the digestion of chickens, leave the liquid kefir in the bowl at the bowl.

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On the tenth day, increase the amount of grass,Enter into the ration cottage cheese and return instead of kefir. Do not forget to put in the bowl sifted sand, it will help to normalize the digestion of chickens, and also adapt the body to the adoption of new food from the eleventh day. You can add crushed eggshell or ash to the sand.

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From 11 days, pour the chicken meat on a lean meatBroth with the inclusion of meat or giblets. It is often not necessary to feed, the break between meals should be up to 6 hours. Be sure to remove food waste, do not allow them to sour or rot.

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From the tenth day of life, chickens can be given to themFish broth with giblets, add beans. In the diet of broilers from the second week of life, you need to increase the amount of green fodder, add finely chopped carrots.

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Cakes and pomace in the diet of twenty-day broilersShould make up at least 20% of the volume of dry food. Some of the grains can be replaced with potatoes. Water in the water should be changed regularly. Sour water is a source of disease. Do not forget to give vitamin supplementation, it is better to buy them in specialized pharmacies. The criterion for assessing the development of chickens is their activity and gluttony. Healthy individuals move well, have a soft shiny down.

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