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HOW bring up chicks

How to bring up chicks

Feeding the chicks in the first days of their life can reduce bird deaths by a third, in fact most of the brood is killed in the first ten days.

In part, that's why laying hens nurse offspring do not trust, even in villages.

Practice has shown that the likelihood of chicks survive the first day is much higher if you give them water and light food.



Just hatched chicks should be givendry off and then put into an incubator bowls with food. In the first days of feeding should be rubbed boiled egg yolk with milled corn grits or semolina. For every dozen chickens you need 1 egg yolk and 0.5 cups of cereal. Add herbs (it can be finely chopped onions).

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Feed chicks every two to three hours, includingand night. Update the water, it should be boiled without lime or soda impurities. To improve digestion chicks leave drinkers in the liquid yogurt in bowl.

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On the tenth day, increase the amount of grass,enter into the diet of cottage cheese and yogurt instead of skim. Do not forget to put in a bowl of sifted sand, it helps to normalize digestion of chickens, as well as to adapt the body to accept the new food with the eleventh day. You can add sand or crushed eggshells ash.

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With 11 days to pour low-fat meat chickensbroth with the inclusion of meat or offal. Often feed is no longer necessary, the interval between doses should be up to 6 hours. Be sure to remove food waste, do not let them decay or acidification.

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On the tenth day of life the chicks can give themFish soup with giblets, add beans. The diet of broilers from the second week of life need to increase the amount of green feed, add finely chopped carrots.

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Meal and cake in the twenty-day diet of broilersYou must be at least 20% of the dry food. Part of grain can substitute for potato. The water should be changed regularly in the drinkers. Sour water - a source of disease. Do not forget to give vitamin feeding, it is better to buy in specialized pharmacies. Evaluation criterion of chickens - their activity and voracity. Healthy individuals are moving well, have brilliant soft fluff.

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