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How to raise disobedient children

Disobedient child</a>

When does a child appear in the family? It's always fun.

We are happy to watch the children? How they grow, develop, know the world.

There is no greater happiness than seeing a child's smile.

But not always babies bring only positive emotions. They are disobedient, strive to do everything in their own way and do not take our advice.

You can handle this.

You will need

  • Patience, the ability to find compromises, imagination, self-control, humor.



Patience and again patience. Children, especially small ones, react very sharply to our condition. Have Children Emotional connection with parents is very strong. And if the child notices that you are nervous, your nervousness will be transmitted to him. He will begin to be capricious and insist on his own. And you have completely different goals.



Turn on the imagination. The younger the child, the easier it is to distract his attention. However, even older children can switch to what you offer them, if this is done in a game form. The main thing - to create a child's impression that he himself wanted to do it. And the game form is optimal for this.

A game


Keep calm and positive attitude. Not always our child immediately rushes to fulfill requests. More often he finds a lot of excuses not to do some tedious work, for example, to collect toys or teach lessons. But a benevolent attitude is necessary in this case. Never raise a child's voice? The result will be his response and even greater disobedience.

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