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How to bring an optimist

How to bring an optimist

It is known that the optimists are sick much less often, less stressed and more happy life.

How to properly raise a child-optimistic?



Help achieve success
Children form an optimistic outlook on life andincrease self-esteem when they are able to do something good. To all turned out well, you need parental support. In addition, when a child something good happened, parents need to notice it aloud and praise the child. The main thing - do not overdo it.


Explain, so the child has attained success
One will be a little praise. For praise must necessarily follow a clear explanation of the reasons for a child, for which he did well for something. That is always necessary to explain to the child components of his success that he understood - success is not always a given.


Do not overpraise child
Do not crack up child absolutely everything that he does, otherwise he will not be able to independently solve problems in the future, leading to confusion, anxiety, insecurity and depression.


Provide support for failures
When children do something wrong, they begin to feel insecure. It is in such moments it is especially important that parents are nearby and able to encourage and hold.


Teach your child to notice the good things
It should be explained that in any situation you can always find something positive. You can offer the game as a child to find something positive in the negative.


Do not talk bad about the child in his presence
You can perfectly adjust his behavior,but never called him a fool, mediocrity, are obstinate and other words. Children believe their parents, so in a short time under these words, he really becomes a fool, are obstinate and mediocrity.

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