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How to raise alabai


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Alabai puppy needs to be taught what to exerciseAggression without a cause is forbidden. Teach his team "Fu". It must be performed immediately and without repetition. When the puppy does what is forbidden to him, approach him, say strictly "Fu" and click on the sacrum. This will cause the baby to sit down and get distracted from his business. Look at the puppy in your eyes and say "Fu" again. Release the puppy. If he took up the old, repeat his actions. If you stop doing what you have forbidden - praise and give a treat. At the first stages of training, always feed the kid tasty if he deserves it. So he will remember the commands more quickly.

Name for alabai dog


You have to let the puppy know that you are the main one. If you do not become a leader for such a large dog, it can end sadly. If you are walking with a dog on a leash, do not let it drag you forward. A puppy might think that he is a leader. Let the kid go near you.



Accustom the puppy to a new command "To the leg". To do this, put food in your pocket, let the kid feel it. Make a leash shorter so that the puppy feels the tension. Hold the dog next to it, repeating the command "To the foot". Start walking. Walk 10-20 meters and praise the puppy that he did not try to break forward. Give him a treat. Go forward, repeating the command and holding the leash. Over time, when the puppy learns the command, you can loosen the tension or completely unhook the leash.

How can you call the boy Alabai


Always remember that Alabai are strong and largeAnimals, and can frighten passers-by with one's appearance. People can start to make sharp movements, which the dog will perceive as a threat to themselves or the owner. To avoid accidents in crowded places, wear an alabaya muzzle, walk without a lead only where you are certain of the absence of strangers.

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