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How to bring Alabai

How to bring Alabai

Alabai or Central Asian Shepherd Dog - a very large and powerful animal.

Its hard to keep in the apartment.

Most comfortable, this massive dog feels out of town, in the aviary.



Alabai - guard dogs. And from an early age puppies are trying to protect owners and their property. This is a valuable quality is necessary not only to promote but also to control. Selfless alabais sometimes too enterprising, and try to protect the owners even when no danger threatened them not. And as an adult Central Asian Shepherd Dog - There is a very large, then restrain their impulse is quite difficult.

how to feed Alabai 1 year


Alabai puppy should be taught what to showaggression without reason - is prohibited. "Fu" Teach him to the team. This he must perform immediately and without repetition. When the puppy is doing what he is forbidden, approach it, tell a strictly "Fu" and click on the sacrum. This will cause the baby to sit down and get away from your business. Look at the puppy's eyes and once again say "Fu". Release the puppy. If he took the old, repeat their actions. If you stop doing what you are banned - praise and give a treat. In the early stages of training always fertilize delicious kid if he deserved it. So he will remember the commands.

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You must make it clear to the puppy that you are - the main. If you do not become such a big dog for a leader, you could end up sad. If you walk with the dog on a leash, do not let it pulling you forward. The puppy may think that he - the leader. Let the kid comes near you.



Teach your puppy to a new team, "By the foot." To do this, put it in his pocket a treat, let the kid it feels. Make it short leash to the puppy felt tension. Keep your dog close by repeating the command "to the foot." Start walking. Walk 10-20 meters and praise the puppy that he did not try to break forward. Give him a treat. Go ahead, repeating the command and holding the leash. Over time, when the puppy learns the command, you can release the tension or completely unhook the leash.

How can you call a dog Alabai boy


Always remember that Alabai - strong and largeanimals, and can scare passers-by one of its kind. People can start to make sudden movements that the dog will perceive as a threat to themselves or to the owner. To avoid accidents in public places to wear a muzzle Alabai, walk without a leash only where you are sure that there are no outsiders.

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