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Bright make-up for the evening

Bright make-up for the evening

I'd like to Christmas mood preserved throughout the year.

By good makeup you will not only feel like a prom queen, and become a super model in a Christmas photo shoot, so you can always go back to the feast.

Face. Even if you have perfect skin, evening make-up does not allow "naked" face. Tonal foundation should match your natural skin color and its type. For dry skin, try to trim a moisturizer for oily - with a matte effect.

Tone cream is applied with a sponge orlight pat fingertips. Secure the base with a thin layer crumbly powder. If you want to visually slimmer nose, apply a little bronzata or darker tone in his wings and blend well.

Eyes. Smoky eyes - a win-win for the evening eye makeup. If you do not want to highlight your eyes, put on the lid a little beige concealer, smudge and draw a thin line of eyeliner. Apply mascara to the eyelashes in a single layer.

Lips. Of course the rules of evening make-up reads on the face should be a focus on the eyes or lips. Depending on this, choose either pale pink or pastel or saturated color of lipstick or gloss.

First lightly powder the lips, tracing theiroutline with a pencil on one tone darker than the lipstick. Lipstick is desirable to apply with a brush, so as not to go beyond the contour. After that, the most protruding part to emphasize shine, to make them more expressive and bulky.

Arms. Today evening a manicure - it's not just a bright nail polish, but also a huge number of "special effects" - a combination of different colors, patterns, rhinestones, stencils. The main thing is that all this is in line with your outfit and image.

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