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How to brew delicious tea

How to brew delicious tea

This drink as tea is known to people since ancient times, and now it is a drink too many.

A thin refined aroma, taste good, a positive effect on the body - because of this tea has gained such fame.

How to make tea in Chinese
Classical Chinese tea is prepared withoutsupplements, but since tea leaf absorbs the flavors of other plants, Chinese optionally added various additives to tea - the chrysanthemum petals, jasmine, peach.
We will need:
-. 1 teaspoon Chinese chaya-
- glass of water.
Rinse the teapot with boiling water, pour the tea, pour boiling water, soak for a couple of two minutes. Mould infusion again brew tea with boiling water, let it sit for a couple already for fifteen minutes.
How to make tea in English
The British often hold tea, tea in English and you can make your own, it is prepared with cream.
We will need:
-. 1 teaspoon chaya-
- glass of water-
- 5 g cream with 20% fat.
As in the case of Chinese tea, firstrinse with boiling water Kettle, vsypte any tea (preferably black), brew boiling water, keep a couple of five minutes. Add a small amount of boiling water to the water completely covered the tea, wait for five minutes, add remaining boiling water. Now pour in a cup of tea ready, whisk with a mixer, adding to the drink cream.
How to make tea in Polish
Prepare tea in Polish is very simple recipe resembles Chinese tea brewing.
We will need:
-. 1 teaspoon of any chaya-
- glass of water-
- A piece of refined sugar.
Teapot much heat, sprinkle in ittea, throw a piece of refined sugar, cover with a lid, heat two minutes for a couple. Then pour the tea with boiling water, heat for five minutes, add the remains of boiling water. Polish tea ready, it can be poured into the cup.

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