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How to make coffee without the Turks

How to brew coffee without the Turks

The most fragrant and delicious coffee is obtained in Turku. However, if the hand is not that special devices for cooking beverage, you can use other methods for the preparation of natural ground coffee.

To this end, it is only necessary to consider cooking technology invigorating drink.

Ideally, the dishwasher without the need to Turkstake not purchase ground coffee, and cooked their own raw materials. To do this, grind only a few roasted grains. To drink retained its divine flavor during cooking, do not harvest the ground coffee with the stock.

What else can you make coffee

Of course, the easiest solution would be cookingground coffee in the coffee machine. But if you want to get really high-quality drink and personally a hand in its preparation, it is better to cook a fragrant liquid independently. For brewing coffee without the Turks fit any enamelled saucepan small. The most convenient way to enjoy the capacity to handle. Remember that the most delicious coffee in the copper turns Turk, and therefore should look in your kitchen utensils made of copper. This is because the material retains heat longer and almost instantly heats.
To prepare the perfect beverage you mustgrind the grain as possible smaller, so the raw materials give coffee its full taste and smell. First you need to warm up the information at the disposal of the dishes on the fire. Then the tank is filled with a portion of coffee at the rate of 2 tsp per cup. Bay Coffee necessary volume of water, it is desirable to immediately add the sugar to taste. Use only necessary to cool the boiling water. Do not forget that the fire should be small, add it to the cooking process is not necessary. sugar type - conventional or cane, and the amount can be determined as desired.

Properly cook without pots of coffee

Cook for a drink without the Turks must be on the samerules as to the use of pots. That is putting the dishes with coffee on the fire, you can not mix the liquid and allow it perekipaniya. It is necessary to closely monitor the capacity in time to turn off the gas as soon as the water in it will begin to rise. If the liquid starts to boil, you can spoil the whole taste of the drink. Nor should we insist coffee as soon as it is cooked, we recommend immediately pour the drink into cups.
If desired, the coffee without the Turks can be cooked withcardamom, cinnamon, and other additives, based on personal preferences. Good results are obtained and the preparation of all sorts of ground coffee in a ceramic bowl. However, to use, for example, the pots are not very convenient. There is the risk of stomach coffee.
Many connoisseurs of coffee is poured into a container nothot water and cold water. It is believed that because the drink becomes rich taste. The technology in the brewing case standard. To remove the pan should be when the first bubbles and foam slightly darken.

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