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How to brew black tea

How to brew black tea

It would seem that could be easier than to brew a cup of tea.

This process is so entered into the life that takes place purely mechanically.

But brewing tea in many countries - a whole ceremony with strictly verified actions.

The history of black tea has more than 3000 years. In China, the birthplace of the culture of tea, this drink has undergone all the stages of formation - from the simplest initial chewing tea leaves to the complex in its tradition of tea ceremony with special methods of brewing and drinking.

The traditional brewing method

Invigorating properties of black tea are directly dependent oncorrect brewing process. That is the correct sequence and the correct dosage cause the beneficial effect of black tea on the body.
First, you need to take care of the water. It should not be hard and rich in mineral salts. Water is necessary to defend or pre-filtered. Teapot for best results should be scalded with boiling water, and only then fall asleep dry tea leaves in it. This process will create the desired temperature inside the container and the original steam stimulation for the disclosure of the fragrance of dry tea leaves.
Dry tea is taken in the calculation 1 teaspoon150 ml of boiling water. After scalding and filling the required amount of welding can be poured boiling water no sooner than a minute later, when the inside of the dry mass of teapot already inhale steam and prepare for the allocation of essential oils.
Black tea for brewing water should betemperature from 90 to 100C. That is, the water is brought to a boil, remove from heat and poured into the teapot. First kettle is filled to 1/3 volume and closed by a cover. poured boiling water is already up to the top and kettle wrapped up in heat to additional heat treatment in a few minutes. The total brewing time of 4-8 minutes.

methods of use

Depending on personal tastes and traditionsTerritorial stay black tea you can drink differently. Some drink with milk and sugar, while others like the combination of black tea with lemon, bergamot, mint, lemon balm and other flavors. Fans of the traditional use of drink just black without additives, but with all sorts of sweets a bit of sugar, which emphasize the taste and tartness of a well brewed black tea. No matter which method of drinking tea may be the most true to assume the main thing - to brew it correctly so that in its entirety to enjoy this wonderful drink.

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