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How to breed butterflies

How to breed butterflies

Butterflies - beautiful creatures, disturbing people's imagination for its lightness and beauty.

About them wrote poems, painted on their prints, they attributed possession of magic. Wanting to get the beauty for yourself - one of the properties of human nature.

So, let's see how to breed butterflies.

You will need

  • Containers, fodder plants, butterfly eggs.



First we need to produce eggs butterflies. Of course, you can equip a textbook onentomology and carefully examine your garden plot, but the butterfly eggs hidden very well. Or you can catch a butterfly in a net, to settle it at home and wait for it to lay eggs.

How to breed butterflies


Once you catch a butterfly, you mustput it in a well-lit container with sprigs of fodder plants. To learn how the plant is a feed for this kind of butterfly, refer to the same textbook in entomology. It is on the host plant and to lay eggs your prisoner.

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When the eggs hatch tiny caterpillars,transplant them into another container with food plant. Vents prodelyvat not necessary, as the tracks from the lack of moisture may simply dry up. For the same reason you should not choose for them too big container. Put on the bottom of the filter paper, and it will pull excess moisture.

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After the caterpillars grew, theytransplanted into a large container. Place the branches of host plants in a jar and Wrap the polyethylene to the tracks do not fall into the water - they sink almost immediately. Also worth a couple of lower branches on the bottom of the container to the fallen caterpillars were able to get them to the top.

how to catch a butterfly arms


Before pupation larvae stop eating andhectic start to behave. If you have a butterfly caterpillar day, make sure that the container had enough branches, which will house the pupa. Moths pupate in the ground, so that if they get you, sprinkle the bottom layer of the soil container. And wait for a miracle.

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