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How to breed butterflies


How to breed butterflies</a>

Butterflies - the most beautiful creatures, exciting the imagination of people with their lightness and beauty.

They wrote poems about them, they were painted on engravings, they were attributed to the possession of magic. Desiring to get beauty for yourself is one of the properties of human nature.

Therefore, let's see how to make butterflies themselves.

You will need

  • Containers, fodder plants, butterfly eggs.



First you need to get eggs Butterflies. Of course, you can arm yourself with a textbook onEntomology and carefully explore your garden plot, but butterfly eggs hide very well. Or you can catch a butterfly in a net, plant it at home and wait for it to lay eggs.

How to breed butterflies


After you have caught a butterfly, you need toPlant it in a well-lit container with branches of the fodder plant. To find out which plant is fodder for this species of butterfly, refer to the same entomology textbook. It is to the fodder plant and your captive will lay eggs.

How to know the floor of a butterfly


When small caterpillars hatch from eggs,Transplant them into another container together with the fodder plant. Ventilation holes need not be done, since caterpillars can simply dry out from lack of moisture. For the same reason, you should not choose for them a too large container. Put on the bottom of the filter paper, and it will draw out excess moisture.

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After the caterpillars have grown, theirTransplanted into a spacious container. Put the branches of the fodder plant in the jar and wrap it with polyethylene so that the caterpillars do not get into the water - they sink almost instantly. Also it is necessary to lower a couple of branches to the bottom of the container so that the fallen caterpillars can climb up them.

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Before pupation, the caterpillars cease to eat andBegin to restless to behave. If you have a butterfly caterpillar, take care that there are enough branches in the container, on which the pupae will be placed. Night butterflies pupate in the ground, so if you have them, put a layer of soil on the bottom of the container. And wait for a miracle.

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