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Rose - a flower, which we can confidently say that it is loved by all.

You will not find a man indifferent to her tenderness and softness, the royal grandeur and inaccessibility.

All bow to the beauty of this flower. Rose decorate our homes, gardens and country houses.

With one grade, it would be desirable to have two, three.

Or particularly liked the favorite brand can easily propagate.

For example, cuttings.

Despite the seeming simplicity of this simple method still requires certain rules.



Prepare nutritious soil. To do this, take 2 pieces of greenhouse humus, 2 parts of a mixture of river sand and clay, which added a bit of bird droppings. Clay can replace turf ground (good to take it out of the nettles, picking soil rich in nutrients). Before filling the pot arrange ground at the bottom of the drainage, or expanded clay pebbles.


From stem roses (it is best to take the branch forwhich I have just withered flower) with a sharp knife or blade cut cuttings. The cut must be a sharp angle. Ensure that the handle at each was at least 3 of the kidneys. If the stem has leaves, remove them or cut in half.


Place the cuttings for 6 hours in a solution of succinicacid, or IAA, you can buy them in a flower shop (read instructions carefully). This will speed up germination and rooting flower further.


Insert the cuttings at an angle in the damp earth. Primnogo finger soil around each cutting to eliminate air voids (ie stalk must sit firmly in the ground). Cover with foil, and cut off a plastic bottle or glass jar. Do not forget from time to time to ventilate. Watering - moderate, as drying of the soil surface. It would be better if the period of rooting you put your landing to a dark place.


After a few days on the handle to appearyoung leaves. Remove the foil (bottles, cans) and place the pot on the windowsill. Keep roses away from direct sunlight. Do not rush to transplant the cuttings in the other pots or in the open ground in the garden. Give them good to get stronger.

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