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How to break a window

There are situations where it is necessary

At first glance it may seem that the ability to safely and effectively breaking the glass in the window frame is not too important.

But in fact, no one is safe from casesexactly when it will be able to help get out of the predicament. Imagine a situation where closes the balcony door, and a man is trapped.

The kitchen stove is not turned off, if you do not hurry up, boil water in a saucepan, and fire can not escape.

Action is needed quickly, firmly, but gently - Health is still expensive.

set can be a similar situation, and they occur often enough.

You will need

  • Improvised means,
  • shoes or clothes



First you need to carry out preparatory work. There are three methods with which to break the glass in the window frame. First, you can use the means at hand. They are all located in the area of ​​reach and is made of enough solid material. Suitable subjects can be chairs, stools, planks, stones, flower pots, tools, and even children's toys. Secondly, it is possible to use clothing. It will fit almost any, but preferably with a dense texture Tacna, such as jeans. Third, good fit footwear, particularly the heel. After selecting the appropriate option, you can proceed to the next step.

Any means available to help


Decisiveness and accuracy
Now, the subject must be chosen with the power to hit the glass. We must try to make strikes at one point in order to achieve the best and faster results.

If you decide to try to break the glassusing the clothes, it is necessary to gently wrap around the hand, which will be hit. Emphasis needs to be done in the brush area as this part will be exposed to the greatest pressure. But we can not forget about the elbow, splinters can injure unprotected part. The blow should be carried out rapidly, shifting his weight on his fist. Thus it is necessary to remember safety rules.

Shoes can be used in two ways: without removing the feet, make strong sharp blow to the heel, or put it on the hand and act as in the situation with clothes.

This can each


When the glass is broken successfully, you need to spendthorough tidy room. Large debris can be gently removed with a broom. With regard to small fragments, they pose a particular danger. Being almost invisible, they can easily injure. Therefore, after the initial cleaning, you must use a vacuum cleaner for best results.

The vacuum cleaner will help remove small fragments

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