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Braiding hair: 5 easy hairstyles

Hair braiding themselves: 5 Simple and versatile hairstyles

Long hair is not always comfortable to wear loose. For a number of cases, this hairstyle is simply not suited to the same untidy hair fall out more quickly tangled and dirty.

But it is possible to braid their beautiful, good, there are many ways to do this.

Spit - a simple option for each day

The most common Spit - is a great optionhairstyles. If carefully braid, she always looks simple and elegant. Spit The advantage is that it is easy to weave quickly and, moreover, all are able to do so. When you do not have time and opportunity to invent something and experiment safely choose a simple braid. Classic relevant at all times.

Variations braids

Kos can be the basis for other hairstyles. Move it around the head or fold at the back eight, can make a shell - it all depends on the length of hair, and your imagination. When you start to style your hair, it is better to think about what you want to build, it affects the height of splicing braids on her head. To fix the result, you will definitely need the pins and studs.


If plait braid at the back of the head, can beput it in a bun. To do this, it is best first to collect hair in a ponytail, and only then make a braid. The beam - all interesting hairstyle. You can twist it several braids, and depends on how it will look in the end. With some experience, you can quickly construct it on his head. The beam can you help out in the case, if you do not have time to wash my hair, because even if the hair is a little messy, with the hair it will not be very noticeable.

French braid

There are many different types of braids,French - one of the classic varieties. It is very similar to normal. The only difference is that the weaving begins from the top of the head, and the first locks are taken from the same place. In the process of weaving in a braid climb all the new strands. Thus are woven with hair all over the head. To braid a plait correctly, take the broad strands. Work to do a hair better at home, to be able to twist or tweak it because usually the first few times spit out the French are not too tight.

Variations on a French braid

Of particular interest is the French braid is stilland because it is not necessary to weave the top down. You can do this from temple to temple, a little obliquely, or even in some way. It is interesting to look two French braids, combined nape. But to start, of course, it is better with a simple option, and then move on to more complex.

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