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Bracelets made of rubber


Usually bracelets from elastic bands are braidedA special machine tool, but there are variants of their weaving and without it. Today, it's incredibly fashionable to make bracelets from rubber bands on their own and wear them! Consider the option of creating a bracelet without a machine.

You will need

  • - Elastics of different colors-
  • - plastic fasteners in the form of S.



So, bracelets from rubber bands are very bright andbeautiful. If you decide to learn how to weave, then first arrange the gums in colors. Although bracelets can be weaved and monochrome - this is at your discretion.

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We proceed. Wrap the first elastic around your middle and index finger, giving it the form of infinity. Put two more rubber shoes on top, but do not twist them!

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Remove the lower elastic band from the left side so that it lies between the fingers over all other elastics.

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On the right side, do the same.

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Add another rubber band. Raise the lower one up to the right and left again, then - lower it between the fingers.

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As you understand, on your fingers you should alwaysBe at the same time three gum. Weaving from rubber bands is quite simple: always lower the rubber band and put it between your fingers. Add new gum until you get the bracelet you need.

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Yes, at first the bracelet can not look very smooth, but at the end of the weaving it will equalize, taking the desired shape.

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At the end of the third rubber is not necessary to add, just remove the other two on your fingers and attach the clasp.

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So you found out how to wrestle bracelets from rubber bands: At the other end of the bracelet, too, put on the clasp and put the jewelry in a circle! Such a bracelet is called "Fish tail" and its variants can be many, experiment with flowers!

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