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Shkatulku as a gift do it yourself


We make a box as a gift ourselves</a>

A casket is a necessary thing in the life of the beautiful half of humanity.

In it you can store jewelry and all sorts of things.

This gift will be enjoyed by most women.

We propose to make a casket with our own hands.

This gift will be much more original than what was bought in the store.

You will need

  • - a wooden box casket-
  • - white acrylic primer-
  • - Acrylic paint of red color-
  • - acrylic paint of gold color-
  • - Brush for applying varnish-
  • - a sponge for applying paint-
  • - stain-
  • - sticker with butterflies-
  • - acrylic lacquer.



We will put on the surface of the wooden box whitepriming. It is convenient to make a sponge. So the soil will lie flat. Wait until it is dry. We will put on top a layer of red acrylic paint. This should be done two or three times. Then on the surface of the box we will glue several butterflies. We will put on top one more layer of acrylic paint of red color. Top with acrylic lacquer.


After the varnish has dried, we will glue it onThe surface of the casket is a few more butterflies. Apply two layers of acrylic lacquer. Now decorate the corner sides of the box. This will make acrylic paint golden color. We will put the paint on a dry sponge and process the necessary places. Then two more layers of acrylic lacquer.


The inner surface of the box is processedAlcoholic stain. Then apply a layer of acrylic lacquer. That's all. The work is ready. The box can be of a different color, and decorative materials - the most diverse. Feel free to use rhinestones, flat beads, buttons. Fantasize and find new creative ideas for your work.

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