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BOX to make ourselves a gift

Casket in a gift we do ourselves

Bag - a necessary thing in the life of the beautiful half of humanity.

It can store all kinds of jewelry and useful things.

Such a gift will enjoy most of the women.

We propose to make a box with his hands.

This gift will be much more original than that bought at the store.

You will need

  • - Timber harvesting shkatulki-
  • - Soil-white acrylic
  • - Acrylic paint red colors-
  • - Acrylic paint gold colors-
  • - Brush for applying laka-
  • - Sponge for applying kraski-
  • - morilka-
  • - Sticker babochkami-
  • - acrylic lacquer.



Apply on the surface of white wooden casketpriming. This is conveniently done with a sponge. It will lay down the ground evenly. Wait until it dries. Overlay the top layer of red acrylic paint. This should be done two or three times. Then attach to the surface of the box a few butterflies. Inflict on top of another layer of red acrylic paint. Top processed acrylic lacquer.


After the varnish dries, glue onthe surface of the box a few butterflies. Apply two coats of acrylic lacquer. Now decorate hand corner box. This is done with acrylic paint gold color. Apply the paint on a dry sponge and process the right places. Then, two more layers of acrylic lacquer.


The inside of the box will processAlcohol stain. Then apply a coat of acrylic lacquer. That's all. Work ready. Bag can be a different color, and decorative materials - the most diverse. Feel free to use the crystals, flat beads, buttons. Be creative and find new, creative ideas for your work.

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