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Easter Celebration - the lightest day of the year for the faithful. With its celebration involves a lot of rules and customs.

The word "Easter" comes to us from Greek and means "prehozhdenie", "deliverance."

As the death of Christ on the cross accomplished our redemption, so His resurrection gave us eternal life.

The bright Easter holiday greet each otherthe words: "Christ is risen!" and answer: "Truly He is risen", kissing three times. So people become like the disciples of the Lord, in these words is the whole essence of our faith.

All products for the holiday table consecrate the evening of Holy Saturday. Offerings believers consecrated to eating them joined the faithful in Christ Jesus.

Since ancient times, people exchange Easter dyedeggs on the example of Mary Magdalene, podnesshey Emperor Tiberius red egg. The egg symbolizes new life, a life in it comes out of a dead shell.

Traditionally, Christians came out of the church, as a sign oftogetherness and cut all together try cake. This occurs in the family circle. As the Old Testament Passover ate the first day of Easter Week God's chosen people. Over the next Easter cakes.

Easter holiday is celebrated family, invited guests is not accepted, it is possible to send congratulations.

Further, for Easter Sunday should be brightWeek, the Church at this time does not close its doors even during the communion of the clergy. All this week the church is considered to be festive. It is followed by another 32 days before the feast of the Ascension. These days are also solemnly celebrated the church, although it was less solemn than the Bright Week.

Christians in Easter and Bright Week to help the poor, handing out food to the poor consecrated.

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