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How to Meet Easter


How to Meet Easter</a>

Easter is the brightest day of the year for believers. Many customs and rules are associated with its celebration.

The word "Easter" came to us from the Greek language and means "transgression", "deliverance".

As the death of Christ on the cross, our redemption is accomplished, so eternal life is granted to us by the Resurrection.

In the Bright Feast of Easter greet each otherWith the words: "Christ is Risen!" And answer: "Truly, He is risen!", Three times kissing. So people are likened to the disciples of the Lord, these words are the whole essence of our faith.

All the products for the festive table are consecrated on the evening of the Great Sabbath. The offerings of believers are consecrated so that the eating from them will unite all the faithful in Jesus Christ.

Since ancient times people have exchanged painted flowers for EasterEggs by the example of Mary Magdalene, who raised the red egg to the emperor Tiberius. Egg symbolizes a new life, in it life comes out of a dead shell.

Traditionally, Christians, coming from the church, in a signUnity is cut and all together try cake. It happens in the family circle. So the Old Testament Passover ate on the first day of the Easter week the people of God. Easter cake follows Easter cake.

The holiday of Easter is celebrated by the family, guests are not welcome to invite guests, they can send congratulations.

Next to the Bright Resurrection follows the LightSedmitsa, the church at this time does not close its doors, even during the communion of priests. All this week the church is celebratory. After it follows another 32 days before the feast of the Ascension of the Lord. These days are also solemnly celebrated by the church, although with a less solemnity than in the Bright Week.

Christians in the Easter and Bright Week help the poor, give the consecrated food to the poor.

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