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Both on the Quick Launch toolbar to add a button to roll all the windows

As to the Quick Launch toolbar to add a button to roll all the windows

The Windows operating system implementsthe ability to simultaneously minimize all open programs using a "Show Desktop" button. At the same time minimized windows are displayed on the taskbar in the form of buttons, dialog boxes are hidden.

To restore the minimized windows, just click on the button "Close all windows" again.

How to display the button "Show Desktop"

In Windows XP and Vista button automaticallyis displayed on the shortcut bar on the left. To install the panel, you need to click the right mouse button on an empty space the taskbar, select the tab "toolbar", and then "Quick Start".
In Windows 7, the button "Show Desktop" is always displayed in the right corner of the toolbar in the form of inconspicuous box.
In Windows 8 the default folding functionwindows disabled. To display the icon "Close all windows" need to click the right mouse button in the taskbar. In the window "Properties Taskbar" tab in the "Taskbar" it should be noted the last menu item, and save your changes by clicking on the "Apply" button and "OK". The "eight" quick folding window button appears at the end of the taskbar.

How to set the button "Show Desktop" after its removal

In Windows 7 and 8 function "Close all windows"It is a system and it is almost impossible to remove. In XP and Vista versions of Windows button folding can be easily removed. It often happens that the icon is deleted accidentally and users can not restore it. However, there is a way to create it anew. To do this in the "Notepad" to create the following text:
Command = 2
IconFile = explorer.exe, 3
Command = ToggleDesktop
Next, save the file as "Show Desktop" with the extension .scf desktop. Drag the saved file to the Quick Launch toolbar.

Other ways of folding boxes

Close all the windows using the keyboard possibleor a mouse, even if the "Show Desktop" button removed. This alternative function folding windows is the same for all versions of Windows operating system.
So, you can use hot keys. With the combination of Win + M all windows fold and unfold the key combination Win + Shift + M. Keyboard shortcut Win + D is also used as a "Show Desktop" button at the same time the first press turns the window and re - expands.
Another option of folding boxes - pressRight-click on the taskbar. In the resulting window, select the command "Show Desktop" - so you minimize all open windows. To return the window to the opposite position, again press the right mouse button and select in the menu that appears, click "Show all windows."

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