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AS in the Crimea you can rent a house in the private sector

As in the Crimea, you can rent a house in the private sector

Crimea - a resort, the most visited Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian tourists.

Sandy and pebbly beaches, the warm sea and a lot of interest from one year to attract a huge number of travelers.

A small part of them prefer an organized tour operators stay in sanatoriums and hotels, but most will travel "savage", taking shelter in the private sector.

Online booking

Potential tourist is suitable forconditions and the location of housing in the private sector through private ads and all sorts of specialized sites, highlighting all of the above items in the declaration that he considers most important. More often than interests away from the housing to the sea, to the city center, the presence of near cafes, entertainment, living conditions (air conditioning, bathroom, kitchen, view from the window). Some tourists looking for a house in the Crimea stopped reservations through the Internet, which can be divided into two categories. In the first case, the client communicates directly with the owner of the property at the number listed in the ad, negotiates all the exciting moments and concludes the oral agreement under which it will arrive at certain days of the month for a specified period.

Often, the owner does not require an advance payment, as he has nothing to lose: in the season tourist flow is very large, and if the person does not arrive within the specified period, he quickly found a replacement.

In the second case the owners are asked to prepay -purely symbolic guarantee arrival to him. As a rule, it does not exceed 10-15% of the total cost of a particular residence, the payment is made by bank transfer, the remaining amount of the tourist pays for the place of arrival. Among the undoubted advantages of reservation can note that you are taken care of well in advance of the availability of housing in the city center and not be distracted by it when planning a holiday.
Cons here much longer, because you buy a pig in a poke. Of course, there are bona fide owners who indicate in the ads accurate information about how many there are available rooms, apartments or houses they have placed pictures are true, but still there is another category of citizens, who often complain of customers. For example, the site has been proposed without the owners house or a room in a guest house with the amenities in the room 5 minutes walk from the beach. In fact, you are in the private sector can get wreck with the owner in the next room, the room smelled of damp and mold, with "amenities" in the yard, and the beach is located a kilometer away from this place.

Reviews of friends

In Crimea often travel by tourists from Russia andCIS countries, so familiar, rest in Feodosia, Yalta, Sevastopol, Yalta, or can be easily found. They will provide invaluable information about all the pros and cons of housing, give contact numbers and talk about the approximate cost of private housing in a particular area. If there are friends you have not found or you are not satisfied with the terms, painted them, you can turn to online reviews. Custom praise visible to the naked eye, so you should carefully study all the possible feedback on the direction you want a house and its hosts.

Search location

If you are traveling by train to the Crimea, at the entrance toa major resort towns are beginning to work, local realtors, campaigning for housing in the private sector, the nearest town. Their services are often used by "savages tourists" who are planning a spontaneous vacation. The big minus of such proposals is that the tourist severely overcharged for mediation and "transfer", which in theory should not be included in the cost of housing. On the other hand, this small compensation for work is noticeable, especially if the realtor has traveled with you some objects and help you choose what you ultimately want in all respects.

The same function sometimes take the taxi drivers operating near Railway- and bus stations.

But the most popular option isindependent search for housing on the site. Tourists come to the station and get to the place in his car and begin the search for suitable accommodation in the private sector. You can ask in any home, the gate of which is a sign, "Rooms for rent" or "free". This variant is advantageous because the prices are usually lower than say, because the client can off the hook and go look for another place. In addition, you choose the best option of housing themselves go through the territory of the site, look around the room, check the operation of devices. The only significant drawback is that in the peak season all the seats are occupied, and even remove most modest room in this case becomes very problematic.

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