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AS in STALKER: Pripyat call to find an oasis

As in Stalker: Call of Pripyat

«S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Pripyat call" - a computer game, the plot of which is to find the causes of the accident five helicopters performing a special operation called "Fairway".

All events take place in Pripyat - the town on the river, three kilometers from the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

The mission to find a mysterious place with lotsartifact called "Oasis" gives Professor Ozerskiy to confirm or refute the rumors that the "exclusion zone" there is the legendary "Oasis." After its discovery, make sure whether there is in fact "Heart Oasis" - an artifact that according to legend was formed in this place.

Search for "Oasis"

After receiving a task, it should be sent to the ventilation complex in the location on the station "Midsummer", the entrance of which is located in the south of the bunker scientists, near the railway.

locations: "Zaton" neighborhood "Jupiter" on station "Midsummer", overpass "Pripyat", "Pripyat-1", "Laboratory X-8." These places need to go through to find out why that failed operation "Fairway".

Next, you need to move into the premises andshoot coming across on the way the player zombie stalkers. Going down into the ground, it is necessary to destroy the mutated "Tushkanov". Then you need to go according to the map - in the direction of the vent complex. After that, before the player is presented room with columns, which is set teleport.
If you follow the right between the columns, the outputTeleport will return to the top of the room. To go further, you need to run so four times in different rows between columns. Overcoming them, there is the glow, resembling the falling snow, and you can hear the electrical impulses. When the light appears in all four columns, to pass successively formed a glowing arch. As a result of the above actions is disabled teleport.
For room with columns, it is a hall withhigh ceiling. In the ceiling you can see a huge gap through which you can see the sky. In the center is a small pool, which can be entered to restore health. Nearby, on the vines, the player finds an artifact "Heart of the Oasis."

The artifact "Heart of the Oasis"

After the "Heart of the Oasis" is a preyPlayer appears pseudodog that creates phantoms doubles, causing physical damage. Twins disappear in contact with them, and the "original" is in the side and sometimes attacks. Repulsed, you must climb the metal stairs and get out through the hole in the ceiling.

"Heart of the Oasis" - unique to the tumorabnormal vegetation, which is a green ball in the white area. Artifact satisfies hunger, increases stamina, improves health, and stops bleeding.

The artifact "Heart of the Oasis" is very radioactive, withoutartifact "Bubble", a large number of antirada or vodka, leaving it currently does not make sense, so you should take it to the bunker Professor Ozersky and get a cash reward - seven thousand.

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