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As in Classmates blacklisted


As in Classmates blacklisted</a>

In the social network, Classmates have one very useful feature that allows you to block access to your page to selected users.

It is called the "black list".



Get into the "black list" classmatesThe user can for many different reasons. Some are sent to the ban because of unacceptable comments, others - for sending offensive, offensive messages, third - for sending spam, etc. Perhaps, one of the users you found unpleasant or you decided to break off communication with someone, in this case the "Black list" option will come to the rescue. To connect it from you will not need to use any additional costs. The service is provided free of charge and is valid until you change your mind.


Anyone can be blacklistedUser, be it a guest or a person with whom you have corresponded. To remove the "classmate" that came to you on the page, on the top toolbar, find the "Guests" section, open the list of visitors, select the person you plan to "ban". Move the mouse cursor to its photo and select the "Block" item in the drop-down box. Then on the next page, where you will be presented with information on the possibility to send all the bores to the black list. To confirm this action, you will need to click the "Block" button again.


But often there are cases when a person simplyGets users of the network their messages. The way out can be found from this situation. To do this, you need to open the message section, on the left side find the person bored you, click on the icon with its image and open correspondence with it. Above, where the name and surname of the user are, there is a picture - a crossed out circle. Click on it and in the next window confirm the decision to send this user to the black list.

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