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As home to learn to dance hip-hop

As at home to learn how to dance hip-hop

Hip-hop culture since its inception, quickly gained popularity and won the hearts of young men and women.

This dance draws its simplicity and complete freedom of movement. Learn a couple of chords, plus improvisation - and you're one of the brightest people hip-hop dance floor.

After the dance pas important not learned a pattern, and the ease and fluidity of movement.



From hip-hop to engage in at home, you mustto begin to prepare enough space to movements were free and not constrained by fear to hurt an expensive vase or a bump on the corner of the table. If such a place is already there, you're in luck, but if not - will have to do a little rearrangement for interesting things.


Each lesson begins with a deep and stretch markssimple exercises. It is important to stretch your neck, shoulders, pelvis and ankles. Do not forget to stretch slowly, breathe deeply and with each exhalation to increase its stretching. Attention! Do not ignore this step to avoid injury due to the inelasticity of the "cold" muscles.


At the first session it is very important to feelhip-hop rhythm. The main feature of this trend is the movement of "a spring", which will always be imbued with your dance. To do this, gently try to squat. But do it not as a physical education classes, and bending the knees slightly. Imagine that your feet napruzhininy. Do not forget to play music!


Try to wiggle the body to the right, left, forward and back in any order, and when you feel confident, swing the arms to the music and "springy" squats.


After "a spring" you will have to turn out,without forcing to think about the process of bending the knee, you can safely move on to learning the your first hip-hop ligament. Educational lessons you can find in runet, for example, the site 5678.ru.


Improvise! If any movement of the video lessons you can not, do not need long and hard to repeat after coach of the screen, replace it and enjoy learning more. Train at least three days a week with an interval of 1-2 days. Only in this case, your body gets used to the dance movements are smooth and at the same time, charged with energy.

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