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How to make a writer's office

How to make a writer's office

Creative people need a special place where theycan do. However, there are cases where the genius literally wrote on napkins in restaurants, doing sketches for future masterpieces in dim rooms, and then their names became legends.

It happens, but still, if we talk about the work, you need a cozy comfortable place for this process.

What can be the design of the writer's office

It is difficult to give a clear definition of what should be the study of the writer, as the taste of all the different people. However, we can identify some trends and commonalities.
Most writers - people are free;attentive to detail. As a rule, they like unusual shapes and bright colors. It must match the design and study. If a large room, it should be divided into zones with the help of furniture, bookcases or aquarium. For example, a separate area with a desk from the area with a sofa and a stereo system. If the space is small, you should not clutter it with any unnecessary details.
Furniture can also be used in a loft style, t. E. combine natural materials with artificial: steel, wood, plastic and textiles. It is necessary to experiment with the form, putting, for example, chairs with concave backs, chests in the form of a cube, unusual chair in the shape of flowers. The color of the furniture is chosen sufficiently bright, but in moderation. The walls in this case are made under the "brick".
For those who like a more low-key style, islook at this direction, as the modern (modern). Here, too, is dominated by freedom, asymmetry and restrained the chaos, but the shape and the combination of softer. So, the writer's office may be filled with floating lines, and in an environment will adjoin stone and porcelain, metal and glass. Furniture in this case should be selected with floral ornaments, the walls are covered with special decorative plaster, floors and make different levels. The colors of this style, usually dominated by muted calm shades of gray-blue, purple or pearly gray tones.
Art Deco
Yet another interesting style for creative roomnature - Art Deco, it is also perfectly suited for the decoration of the writer's room. In this case, hang on the walls are black and white fotoprint, decorative painting, interior stickers and wallpapers. Furniture of this style should choose rounded shape. Moreover, a good solution would be the installation of drywall elliptical niche for books, a stereo system, or an aquarium. Color solution in the writer's study in the Art Deco style can be anything, but it is still dominated by the contrast of dark and light, for example, a combination of gray and blue, chocolate and beige.
Cabinet can be decorated with different patterns,photos, accessories - they will serve as another source of inspiration. Tenacious glance creative person can catch in the usual things new story. Of course, we should not forget about the book. The office of the writer may be as many books as he wants - all shapes, sizes and cover colors.
Whatever the design of the writer's office,It must be another condition for fruitful work - silence. To this end, the wall is not out of place upholster sound-absorbing material, and on the floor lay a soft carpet with a large pile.

Desk - the main part of the interior

Particular attention should be paid to the organizationworkstation - desk. It should be wide enough to accommodate a computer, a printer, a stack of papers and various office supplies. Everything must be within arm's length. The lighting over the desk should be arranged so that the light was not closed body or head during writing. However, you can not put a direct light source, hitting straight in the eye.

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