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How to make poems with congratulations

How to make poems with congratulations

The poem is dedicated to any celebration - a traditional gift, present on almost any holiday.

But few think of the verses or to find the right line in another version, you also need to arrange them beautifully.

You will need

  • - card-
  • - tsvety-
  • - vatman-
  • - Photo-
  • - Frame photos-
  • - Dense bumaga-
  • - cardboard
  • - Old magazines-
  • - lenty-
  • - Dried flowers and listya-
  • - Beads, payetki-
  • - Paper quilling.



Buy a colorful postcard and write poems in itwith congratulations. Top do not forget to specify who is also the gift, and put your signature below. It is desirable, along with a card to give hero of the occasion, and a bouquet of flowers.


Make a wall newspaper, devoted to the perpetrator (orperpetrators) celebration, congratulatory poems and images. If it's a birthday or a wedding, paste the real photos of people you want to congratulate. For the Day of Defender of the Fatherland or the eighth of March and will suit just pretty pictures - the flowers, the pictures from the parade.


Type your greetings ornate fonton a beautiful thick paper. If you do not have the required skills or equipment, please contact the press lounge where you can help. Insert a poem congratulating framed and birthday presents. He will be able to put your wish on a table or hang on the wall, all the guests were able to read the lines dedicated to him.


Scrapbooking - popular art decorationpostcards, notebooks and photo albums using all kinds of stickers, buttons and ribbons. You can also draw and your greetings using the elements used in this type of needlework. Get a thick cardboard with patterns on it and write a poem. Decorate greeting applications in the form of flowers, birds and butterflies, cut from a magazine clipping of ribbons and lace. In the course can go dried flowers and leaves, buttons, beads, sequins.


Quilling - another popular formcrafts. It is the art of making the compositions of the long and narrow strip of paper, twisted into a spiral. On heavy paper or cardboard write a poem for the hero of the occasion, and then stick to the sides flowers and butterflies made in this technique. And your greetings will turn into a real masterpiece.

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