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How to apply for inheritance


How to apply for inheritance</a>

If after the death of a relative or otherA close person you need to issue a certificate of the right to inheritance, then apply to the notary about this no later than 6 months after the death of the testator.



Contact the Housing Department (housing and operational office) and take a certificate of the family at the time of death of the testator-


Gather the necessary documents: Passport, marriage certificate (on divorce), birth certificate (about the change of name), pension certificate, certificate of VTEK (medical and labor expert commission) & nbsp- for those who are disabled. In the event that you have a notarized will - its original.


Contact the notary office, whichIs located at the place of opening the inheritance, with all the documents prepared. Write an application for inheritance. If additional documents are required for issuing the certificate, the notary will send the request to the relevant organizations. This can be information from utility services on the absence of arrears on utility bills, certificates from the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) on the assessment of the cost of housing at the time of death of the owner, apartment plan or house floor plan, certificates from the tax inspectorate that the testator does not have tax penalties .


Get the right to inherit in six months fromTime of death of the owner. If there are disputes and disagreements over the misappropriation of the inheritance, all relatives who somehow consider themselves deprived should file a statement of claim with the court, which will examine all documents and issue a decision.


If, for good reasons,Established by law six months, you did not have time to begin the process of registration of the inheritance, contact the world court. Submit a statement of claim to extend the duration of the registration of the inheritance. Be sure to attach to the application documents that confirm these good reasons. This can be, for example, a reference from the hospital, confirmation of forced absence from a place of work or study, etc. Pay the statutory state fee and present a receipt for payment together with the statement of claim.

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