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How to apply for a survivor's benefit


How to apply for a survivor's benefit</a>

In the event of loss of a breadwinner, the state provides financial support to dependents in the form of a survivor's allowance.

However, in order to receive these payments, you need to undergo the necessary procedure for processing benefits.



For registration of the survivor's benefitIt is necessary to apply to the authorized organization - management of the pension fund at the place of registration and write the corresponding application on the standard form. The application must contain your data as an applicant, the data of the deceased breadwinner and all dependents. In addition, the application will need to indicate your passport details and an account opened with your bank in order to transfer money to it.

The application for the granting of a survivor's benefit under the law you have the right to send and mailed, but then you will need to reassure him of the notary.


In addition to the application for the appointment of benefits for lossThe breadwinner, you will need to provide a package of documents that can be conditionally divided into mandatory and additional documents (may be needed in each case). Mandatory documents include: a passport, a certificate of death of a breadwinner, which is issued in the registry office on the basis of a death certificate, a work record book of the breadwinner and a document confirming the status of a dependent (birth certificate). Additional documents include: certificate of salary of the breadwinner, passport of the guardian of the dependent, a document confirming the status of the single mother, a certificate confirming the fact of passing full-time education for dependents under the age of 23, a document confirming the fact of disability of the dependent, the court decision on the recognition of the breadwinner Missing, a document confirming the loss of the source of livelihood.


The survivor's benefit isFull term, during which the state will pay it. For dependents under the age of majority, there are 2 stages of receiving benefits: until the age of 18 and until the age of 23 (in the case of full-time education). Dependents with disabilities, the allowance will be assigned for the duration of the disability. Specialist of the pension fund management when registering the application for the loss of the breadwinner, should explain to you the period of time that the allowance will be issued.

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