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How to make allowance for the survivor

How to make allowance for the survivor

In case of loss of the state provides financial support to dependents in the form of benefits for the survivor.

However, to receive these payments to pass the necessary procedure for registration benefits.



For registration grants you a survivorshould apply to the authorized organization - the pension fund management at the place of registration and write the corresponding application on a standard form. The application must contain the applicant's your data, the data of the deceased breadwinner, and all dependents. In addition, the application will need to indicate your passport details and your name to open a bank account for him to transfer.

Statement on the appointment of survivor benefits under the legislation you have the right to send by mail, but then you will need to notarize it.


In addition to the application for the appointment by the loss of benefitssurvivor you will need to provide a package of documents, which can be divided into mandatory and additional documents (may be needed in each case). The required documents include: passport, certificate of death of the breadwinner, which is issued by the registry office in the organs based on the certificate of death, survivors' employment history and proof of dependent status (birth certificate). Additional documents include: earnings statement survivor, caregiver dependent passport, a document confirming the status of the mother-odinochki- certificate confirming the fact of full-time study for dependents under the age of 23 years, the document confirming the fact of disability dependent, the court's decision on the recognition of survivors' missing person, a document certifying the loss of their livelihoods.


Allowance for loss of breadwinner is issued onfull term for which the State will pay it. For dependents have not reached the age of majority, there are 2 stages of entitlement: until 18 years old and until 23 years (in the case of full-time study). Dependents with a disability allowance will be appointed for the duration of the disability action. pension fund management specialist in the registration statement on the occasion of loss, you should explain the term, which will be formalized benefits.

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