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How to make changes to the constituent documents

How to make changes to the constituent documents

The need to make changes to the constituent documents occurs when you change the name of the company or its leader.

To this end, the Council draws up a list of the required documents and send to the registering authority.

You will need

  • - The application form (form r13001) -
  • - Constituent dokumenty-
  • - A decision amending the dokumenty-
  • - Extract from EGRYUL-
  • - Receipt for state duty payment.



Collect council members of the Board andmake a protocol on amendments to the articles of incorporation. List the points of the charter and other documents that will be modified. Further, each of the members of the Board shall certify the minutes of personal signature. If the founder and head of the company is the same person, the decision can be taken individually, assuring the signature and seal of the enterprise.


Make a statement on amendments to thefounding documents in the form r13001. Enter company name on the first blank page. Next, write the TIN, BIN, CAT and the legal address of the company. If you want to change the name of your organization, you need to fill in the sheet and the statement by writing the old name and the new name. When you change the address of the organization, select the previous and the current location on the sheet B. In case of change of the authorized capital and fill in the sheet where the new size of the write-stock (authorized) capital.


Contact USRLE the place of registration andrequest a statement for your organization. Provide the tax authorities of the certificate of ownership or contract of lease. Further, through the "Savings Bank" or any other means of payment of state duty for changes to documents (800 rubles), take the receipt of payment and attach to the case. Once all the documents will be in your hands, apply them to the Federal Tax Service. Once everything is checked (within 5 working days), you will be notified that the changes in the constituent documents formally adopted.


In the case of a simultaneous change of the legal addressand tax inspection is necessary to remove the organization from the register in the current register and in the new inspection. In this case, in addition to the extract from the register you will be given a certificate of re-drafted tax registration and the new TIN.

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