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How to make a home purchase by the parent (family) capital

How to make a home purchase by the parent (family) capital

Having two or more children, one of them born after 2006, you are entitled to a measure of state support as a parent (family) capital.

And, of course, you can buy a house with the proceeds of this capital.

You will need

  • - A state certificate for maternity kapital-
  • - passport-
  • - Birth certificate of child
  • - Certificate of conclusion braka-
  • - SNILS (pension insurance certificate) of the applicant and children-
  • - Copies of all these dokumentov-
  • - Statement.



So, you have the certificate you have found a house thatwant to buy. Your first action - to conclude a contract of sale in which you need to specify what exactly the amount the seller receives from the state (the certificate) and some cash (if the house price exceeds the size of the parent capital). For registration of the contract of sale is better to consult a lawyer, because there are many "pitfalls", about which you may not know.


Register your purchase and sales contractregistration center and get the certificate of state registration of ownership of dwelling on all the owners (usually wait 5-7 days).


Provide to the pension fund the following documents:
- passport-
- Birth certificate of child
- SNILS the applicant and children-
- Certificate for maternity kapital-
- A contract of sale house-
- Certificate of state. registration of rights to residential pomeschenie-
- Copies of all the above mentioned documents
- Account number, or a copy of the passbook Seller
- Statement.
Within two months, you will receive by mail a notification which will alert you, your application is approved or not. If yes, the money will be transferred to the seller.

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