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How to make a mini-museum

Mini-museum usually opens with some institution - library, school, factory. It differs from the classical museum and a large area, and the number of employees.

Make a mini-museum on the territory of the organization is not too difficult.



First, prepare the exhibits, which will bepresented in a mini-museum. A set of things to be united by one common theme, for example, a collection of butterflies or old photos. Determine how much space you will need a mini-museum. Will it take a separate room or will be sufficient to issue a small area.


Develop a vision for the future of the museum: what goals are the creators, and what tasks need to decide who will attend, serve the museum. The development concept is usually involved in the initiative group - people who are interested in the creation of the museum, as a rule, it's enthusiasts, who are pursuing educational goals.


Even a small museum, consisting of one room,must have a project - a technical document, which will affect the internal structure. It is necessary to fix on the location of the paper in the room of the future exposure


Elect the head of a mini-museum. This man will be responsible for logistics activities: updating exhibits, design exhibitions. In support of the council may be created, which will develop a work plan.


Each museum should have an inventory book withnumbered pages. This is a document of a permanent shelf life. There fits all exhibits numbered. The inventory book shall be entered in the range of enterprise affairs.


After preparing the necessary documents writeapplication to the Director for permission to establish in the territory of the organization of a mini-museum. Order of the head of the museum is placed on the balance of the organization.

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