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How to make the house

How to make the house

Making your home - a mandatory procedure,acquisition requires a large number of a wide variety of documents and signatures. The basis for registration of ownership of the house, from the technical side of the issue can be considered the presence of walls, roofs, doors and windows.

No less important are the basis of communication, let down to the house.

Registration procedure at home is not as difficult asit may seem at first glance. In spite of this, to implement it must be approached with great responsibility. It is important initially to do everything right, starting with the assembly of the necessary documents and to obtaining evidence in Rosreestra.

Categories of houses

All homes can be divided into two categories:

- At home, in which civil registration is permitted
- The house in which registration is not possible.

The first category includes buildings erectedon plots located in the settlements, and the second - at home in the suburban partnerships, designed exclusively for private farming.

If you own a house in the suburban partnership,its design will take you no more than ten days. To do this, you will need to submit to Companies House documents, which includes a certificate of title section, a declaration on the house and land cadastral passport. And after ten days you will be able to obtain the necessary evidence.

Design houses in the village with the possibility of registrationcitizens more complicated. From the collection of documents prior to receipt of the certificate will take at least one month, and therefore need to be prepared for the fact that to perform the job quickly fail.

The procedure for registration of the house

house clearance procedure begins with the collection of documents:
- Passport future owner home-
- Cadastral plan of the land plot
- The log home-
- Statement.

Once you have collected all the necessary documents and remove them with a copy of which will need to pass in Rosreestr.

Documents filed with the application, which you need to fill in the pattern, provided by professionals involved in the reception of documents in the registration service agencies.

The documents with the written statement was alsorequired to attach proof of payment fees, the amount of which does not exceed one hundred rubles, but this applies only to those cases where the ownership of the house is made of a natural person.

Once you submit your documents, a staff member who will accept them you will have to issue a receipt. It indicates the date when you will be given hands on the finished certificate.

The date indicated in the receipt you must againYou will visit the authority Rosreestra, where you can obtain a certificate of state registration of property rights. After the document will be in your hands, you will be considered a full-fledged owner of the house, and therefore will be able to conduct any transactions with him.

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