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How to book hotels online

How to book hotels online

Hotel reservations via the Internet is reliable and the most appropriate both for material and for the time-consuming way to find temporary housing around the world.

Where to book a hotel

You can, of course, refer to the search queryproperty abroad to the travel agency, but most likely, it offers instead of a room at a full tour - with tickets, transfers and other additional options. Even if the company is engaged in a separate booking hotels, it is likely it will generally not be the most expensive options.
Having the tickets, and well presented, aformat vacation you prefer, you can contact directly to the hotel. Websites of hotels, as a rule, contain a detailed description of rooms, services, infrastructure and allow instantly book favorite room. Among the disadvantages of this method - it is not possible to visually compare prices and lack of information in Russian (although most sites of Turkish hotels have long learned to "speak" in Russian).

Please note that some hotels whenbookings directly on their sites offer small discounts or provide some paid services are usually free of charge (parking, wi-fi).

If your favorite hotel or hotel,which advised friends, was not there, or if you are looking for the most budget option, or simply have no idea where and how you would like to settle in the forthcoming voyage, better to turn to special sites for housing assistance.
Booking online
Online agencies have reservationan extensive database of various sentences. You can choose where to stay, on the basis of criteria such as price, number of stars, location, availability of certain services and infrastructure. Companies offer a choice among hotels, apartments, guesthouses, hostels and other accommodation options. These services also allow you to create and store all the information about the committed orders. But even without registration, these sites "are able" to keep your browsing history, and they liked the options that you can consider and make a decision immediately, but at a convenient time for you.
Most sites offer user-friendly interfaces,to quickly analyze and compare similar offers, view photos, read reviews of guests who have visited it, to estimate the location of the hotel on the map, etc. In some cases, accommodation prices will be lower than the official websites of hotels here could also be the availability, despite the fact that the hotel's website will indicate that all booked.

Now it is gaining popularity housing for hiringabroad directly from the owners of apartments. Of course, it is cheaper hotel, and live in a spacious apartment with all amenities nicer than in a small hotel room. But we must take into account a number of disadvantages: it is necessary to correspond with the landlord and arrange the transfer of keys (which is especially inconvenient if you arrive by night flights), moreover, is not always such a "reservation" is sufficient to obtain a visa, and the risk of running into a scam disproportionately higher.

How to choose a hotel

You have decided on the city, dates and howcomposition you go on a journey. Now spread the requirements for housing in descending order of priority. Mark also for himself desired, but not required. Set the lower and upper limit of the cost of housing for one night. Choosing a hotel or apartment, pay attention to the availability of parking, fast and / or the free internet, the ability to stay with pets, smoking in the room. Please note that smoking is prohibited everywhere in hotels and apartments in Europe and the United States. But in Latin America and Southeast Asia, smokers can in anything does not deny.

Do not expect a high level of service and beautiful rooms in a large European capitals, if you take a hotel below 4 stars.

All of these conditions, you can ask when looking for housingon any online booking service for hotels. Once found a suitable option, read the description of the hotel, the reviews about it (you can search for information on other resources), evaluation of offers, see photos of rooms and infrastructure. However, all photographic beauty share at least two photographs, relieving hotels, knows the correct angles at which the room seem to be three times larger than they really are, and unpresentable grille on the window with a view of the neighboring hotel seems nice balcony a quiet street.
How to pay
Most online services charge a prepayment of20 to 100% of the cost of living. Payment is made with the card, the data that you need to make when booking. There may be options when the advance payment is not charged, and you can pay the full amount on the spot. This map data is still entered as a guarantor of your reservation and hotel insurance of no-show. Almost everywhere there is a penalty equal to the cost of one night stay for cancellation at the last minute.

If the reservation indicated that no prepaymentcharged, and a certain amount you have, however, removed from the map, do not panic. This is nothing more than a reality check of your card, and money is not removed, but only blocked on your account. After 3-10 days, they again will be at your disposal.

After booking proceduresyour email address will receive a letter with acknowledgment. Print this letter, because there is a name card, exact address, phone number and website you have booked accommodation. Upon arrival, as a rule, this letter is not required - just a passport, but it is better to have it with you in case of possible misunderstandings. It should also be noted that some hotels are asked to show exactly the card with which payment was made for the room.

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