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How to apply for a job


How to apply for a job</a>

If there is a vacant post in the organizationThere is always a need to find a new employee, select a candidate and, if approved, to accept this applicant in the organization's staff, observing the norms of labor legislation.



Find a suitable candidate for a vacant position (resume, interview, testing).
To demand from the candidate the necessary documents provided for by the LC RF (Article 65):
- personal document (passport) -

- a work record-

- certificate of pension insurance-

- military ID-

- documents on the available education.
In accordance with labor legislationRussia you as an employer, additional documents from the employee, to issue take on work, you can not demand. But it is worth noting that sometimes the granting of other documents by a candidate (recommendations, reviews) can influence your decision when choosing this particular candidate.
It should be borne in mind that before the employee can be registered in the state in accordance with the law, a medical examination may be required (Article 69 of the LC RF).


Accept the application for employment. It is desirable that the application be written on the model, where there are all necessary columns for filling, which subsequently facilitates the processing of personnel documents.
Put the visa on the application, identify and fix the salary of the employee accepted on the application, and then transfer the documents with the application to the personnel department (accounts department).
To familiarize the candidate with internal documents of the organization:

- personal instruction-

- with the work schedule in the organization, etc.


To issue and sign a labor contract and other personnel documents in accordance with the articles. 68 of the LC RF.
Issue an order in a unified form, indicating the admission of this candidate to work. To acquaint the staff member with this order.
In the work book to make a record on the basis of the LC RF (Article 66). To introduce information in the accounting document on the registration and movement of labor books of accepted workers, inserts to work books.
To issue a personal card to the employee, to familiarize the employee with the card against the signature.

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