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How to make hiring

How to make hiring

If there is a vacant position in the organizationthere is always a need to find a new employee, the selection of the candidate, and in the case of its approval of the applicant to be taken to the state of the organization, observing the norms of labor legislation.



Find a suitable candidate for the vacant position (resume, interview, testing).
Claimed from the candidate the necessary documents stipulated by the Labour Code (Article 65.)
- Personal documents (passport) -

- Labor knizhku-

- Certificate of pension strahovaniya-

- military ID-

- Documents on the available education.
In accordance with the labor lawsRussia, you, as an employer, additional documents from the worker to arrange to take the job, you can not claim. But it is worth noting that sometimes granting candidate other documents (letter of reference), may affect your decision in choosing this particular candidate.
Note that before you issue the worker in the State in accordance with the law, a medical examination may be required (Art. 69 of the Labour Code).


Take the application for a job. It is desirable that the statement was written on the model, which has all the required fields to fill in, which subsequently facilitates the clearance of personnel documents.
Put on a visa application, identify and fix at statement received salary employee, and then pass the documents with the application to the personnel department (accounting).
To familiarize the candidate with the internal documents of the organization:

- Personal instruktsiey-

- With the labor regulations in the organization, etc.


Check and sign the contract of employment and other personnel documents in accordance with the articles. 68 of the Labour Code.
Issued an order on the unified form, indicating the acceptance of the candidate for the job. Familiarize received in the State of the employee with this order.
The work book to record on the basis of the Labour Code (Art. 66). Write the information in the accounting document accounting and movement of labor books workers taken on, loose leaves to the workbook.
Check on employee personal card, familiarize the employee with her by hand.

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