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How to make embroidery

Make a frame for embroidery yourself or order it in the shop

Embroidery big picture takes a lot of time.

If this long stage has finally come to an end, it is necessary to properly arrange embroidery, highlighting the style of work and showing its character.

In short, the choice of embroidery design is important as well as the choice of frames for the precious stone.



The cheapest, but not the most desirable option? is to buy ready-made picture frames. But to choose the right frame size, style, and color is very difficult. This option is not suitable for those who want to embroidery looked tasteful.


Another way? do it all yourself. To do this, you must choose your own mat and frame and make improvised. With a little imagination, you make the original design for your embroidery. When choosing the color of the mat, guided by the colors of embroidery. It is desirable for the inner diameter of the mat to make a border. Most often it is made a gold or silver color.


There are special workshops, calledbaguette in which your embroidery fully bring to mind. You only need to pay. Pleasure is the truth, is not cheap. But you can be sure that the experts will select the correct color and the mat, and frame size, and prints himself.


Making your own or choosing a frame in the studio, you can focus either on the style of the work itself or in the interior, where it will hang.


However, how would you or made out, you need tofirst learn how to better close the embroidery. The fact that some shops just cut the size of the embroidery frame is applied to the mat and put it all in the frame. This method has pros and cons. Plus the fact that it is a very quick and cheap way. However trimmed canvas curve can lie down and it will be noticeable on the mat borders. Besides renew embroidery differently does not work anymore. Much better if the embroidery after circumcision glued to cardboard or mat. This embroidery will fit tightly to the frame, but also to renew it will not work.


Another method of attaching the embroidery? is stretching on a frame with the help of construction stapler. But it is much heavier work. Such a method is more appropriate for large-scale paintings of tapestries and carpets.


It is best to pull the embroidery on thick cardboard andsew the thread to it. In this case, the embroidery can be pulled ideal canvas lining cells on the edge of the cardboard. cartons size should be more than 0.5-1 cm inner diameter of the mat.


After that you will enjoy in the studio just a baguette, glass, and cardboard mat for mounting.

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