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How to make an embroidery


Make a frame for embroidery yourself or order it in the workshop</a>

Embroidering a big picture takes a long time.

If this long stage has finally come to an end, then you need to properly design the embroidery, emphasizing the style of work and showing its nature.

In short, the choice of embroidery design is as important as the choice of the frame for the gem.



The cheapest, but not the most desirable option? This is the purchase of a finished photo frame. But to pick up a frame of the right size, style and color is very difficult. This option is not suitable for those who want embroidery to look decorated with style.


Another way? Do everything yourself. For this, it is also necessary to choose the passepartout and frame itself from improvised means. With a little imagination, you will make an original design for your embroidery. When choosing a color for a mat, be guided by the color range of embroidery. It is advisable to make a fringing along the inner diameter of the passepartout. Most often it is made of either gold or silver.


There are special workshops calledFraming, in which your embroidery will completely bring to mind. You only need to pay. Pleasure is true, not cheap. But you can be sure that the experts will correctly select the color of the passepartout, the size of the frame, and the baguette itself.


Making out independently or choosing a frame in the workshop, you can focus either on the style of the work itself or on the interior in which it will hang.


However, no matter how you form it, you needFirst find out how best to close the embroidery. The fact is that some workshops simply cut off the embroidery by the size of the frame, put a mat on it and put everything in the frame. This method has both pros and cons. Plus, it's a very fast and cheap way. However, the circumcised canvas can curve and this will be noticeable along the borders of the passepartout. In addition, you can not re-embroider embroidery in another way. Much better if the embroidery after the circumcision is glued to the cardboard or mat. In this case, the embroidery will fit tightly to the frame, but it will not be possible to re-arrange it either.


Another way to attach embroidery? This stretching to the stretcher using a construction stapler. But this considerably increases the workload. This method is more suitable for large canvases tapestries and carpets.


It is best to stretch the embroidery on a tight cardboard andSew to it with threads. In this case, the embroidery can be stretched perfectly, aligning the canvas cells along the edge of the cardboard. The size of the cardboard should be more by 0.5-1 cm of the inner diameter of the mat.


After that, you will have to order in the workshop only a baguette, a glass, a mat and a cardboard for attaching.

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