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How to make a disability group

How to make a disability group

Disability decorate persons who partially or completely lost their working capacity.

Simple doctor can give the patient group disability, draw up its specially designed medical-social expert commissions.

You will need

  • -passport
  • -direction
  • -test results
  • -obsledovaniya
  • -statement



To get directions formedical and social examination, it is necessary to collect a number of documents. In this examination can direct physician based on observation of the disease or a pension fund and the Department of Social Protection.


First, you need to pass all the examinations andmake a fresh analysis, which are valid up to 14 days. The range of relevant analyzes very large. Direction to carry out analyzes and surveys will give your local therapist or doctor under observation, which you are.


Write an application for examination.


After submission of all documents and the results of tests and examinations will be assigned during the examination.


Based on the test results of tests and examinations you can assign group disability or to refuse to appoint a disability.


If you have something does not agree, then you need to apply a statement to the court.


Following the appointment of disability need to undergo an annual re-examination. Only one group of disability re-examination held once in two years.


To get re-examination againthe direction of a physician or social security authorities, for a complete range of surveys and analyzes. According to a survey you can prolong disability for another year or withdraw group disability.


Re-examination must undergo everything, even if the disease is incurable, but its consequences irreversible.


The procedure for obtaining a disability is very long and troublesome, even for a healthy person is not that patient.

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