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How to order detail Tele2 calls

How to order detail Tele2 calls

The service is called "Detail" givesTELE2 subscribers the possibility of detail to decrypt all outgoing and incoming calls, and get information about phone numbers, date, time, cost, and duration of the call.



Subscribers can choose from several types ofaccount details. The first of these - the method is a periodic detail. It can be provided for the previous reporting period, ie one calendar month. Get the details of this type can be in personal contact the service office. However, in this case, do not forget to bring your identification document. The cost of using the service for one month will be 30 rubles. If you enable the periodic detail through online customer service system, then the cost will be no longer 30, and 15 rubles (for each request).


Another type of detail at operator TELE2It called one-off. It is available to customers of the company for a number of days that would be necessary (eg, for one day, two, three, and so on). Order a single detail as possible during a visit to any of the offices of service and always with a document. For each day of the detail of the subscriber will have to pay 5 rubles.


As already mentioned, the preparation of the periodicdetail is available through online self-service system. It is situated on the official website of the company TELE2. In order to enter into the system, you'll need a password. It can be ordered in the same place, by clicking on the column titled "Get password by SMS». It will be delivered to your cell phone within a few minutes after sending a request. Do not forget that when inactive for ten minutes, the session will automatically be terminated (it is installed for security purposes). To continue, you need to re-enter the temporary password.

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